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How Contracting is an attractive option for moms returning to work

How Contracting is an attractive option for moms returning to work

Submitted by global_admin on Fri, 03/20/2020 - 09:21
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A job that offers control, flexibility, and growth without the complexities associated with being a cog in a giant corporate mechanism is a dream for most job-seeking new moms.

Being in control of your growth and career paths and the opportunity of putting into effect well-laid-long-term plans to attain career goals might be hard to achieve while working in a permanent situation, but are some of the many benefits of Contracting. The responsibility of being a new mom in the absence of flexibility in working terms, specialist schemes, and the indecisiveness associated with returning to a full-time job while nurturing the newborn are often the determining factors while looking for a job. 

Committing to a permanent job at the early stages of motherhood might not be secure, and the idea of becoming a full-time mom shelving all career aspirations might be too extreme. 

How contracting can help new moms? 

Contracting offers the perfect option for a new mom to restart her career. Being contracted for a definite period provides the flexibility to come to terms with the pressures associated with being a new mom and a working woman free of the added constraints of being stuck with a permanent situation.

A contract will give one the flexibility and opportunity to get into an organization in particular within the project. This will not only help one to tread on familiar territory in terms of knowledge base but will also ensure that the transition to the workspace is without the added pressures associated with pre-induction stages. 
In addition to honing the existing skillset, they will add value to the project and will get the maximum exposure. Free from worries of office politics or the glass ceiling with a welcome change of space. 

Freedom, control, and higher earnings are often associated with Contracting by job experts. 
A term contract enables one to plan much ahead and work towards achieving one's career goals. 
The equation between employers and staff changes in contracting as the person in the contract is adding value to the project. While most contracts are extendable, and many in contracts are offered permanent posts after completion of the agreements, one has the power to choose the best. From enrolling oneself to an advanced course or wanting to take a vacation in one's call, for one is not bound to the company after the expiration of the contract. Most permanent job situations have a fixed salary structure, and one has to work from the base to earn the maximum. The course of a rise in salary might be associated with many other obligations and clauses as per the policies of the respective establishments. However, contracting ensures that one gets a much higher rate for their skillsets as compared to the existing salary trends. Click on the link below for the Morgan McKinley 2020 Salary Guide for the updated permanent salaries and contract rates for professional roles in Singapore.  

Contracting apart from providing freedom and control to plan, chart, and achieve career goals comes with many 'tweaks' during the recruitment process. The interviewing process for contract roles is a lot shorter compared to recruitment for permanent positions. An interview for a regular situation might be less accommodating and may be periodical. 
However, most companies hire contracts based on the skillsets required for specific projects. While the interviewing process for a regular situation is lengthy, often comprising of many rounds of interviews, group discussions, aptitude tests, et al. Contracting meetings are typically 1-2 rounds. In addition to the short length, one can prepare well owing to the specific knowledge base and skillsets. 

Morgan McKinley works with several organizations that have specialist schemes where females returning to work are prioritized for hiring, for we know the sheer grit and determination one has to possess to reboot their careers. We not only help them find the right starts but also help them all along the recruitment process, guiding them with in-depth analysis and invaluable guidance.
Contracts are likely to be extendable, and it allows them to show their skills set and be converted to a permanent employee. While a majority of our deals succeed in extending their contracts with the employers, many of them have been offered permanent positions. 

Contracting has already become the most favored mode of recruitment in countries across the globe. Most job seekers, while contemplating options, have sidestepped contracting owing to misconceptions and doubts. Our experts have compiled a list of the most common questions and have provided detailed answers that will help one to gain fresh insight. Click here to know more about contracting.

Seeking a permanent job situation might be the most favored option for a fresher just out of college, for a new mom contracting will enable you to be in control and be flexible in your career path while earning more. 

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