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FAQs: Contract Recruitment

Contract Recruitment

Written by Morgan McKinley
Apr 20, 2020

Building on many years of experience, we have a rich talent pool of specialised contracting professionals ready to start work immediately. Our contractors contribute enormously to the success of a variety of organisations and often take up prominent and influential roles with some of the most recognised and respected employers. Below are some questions we get asked when organisations are trying to hire the right contractor for their business.

1. When and why to hire a contractor?

Organisations often require contractors for the following reasons:

  • Cover for maternity leave or absences
  • An immediate solution where there has been a sudden departure of an executive or the search process is taking longer than expected
  • Additional cover for particularly busy periods
  • Ability to have experts on board to optimise growth
  • Skills to manage complex commercial projects where no internal expertise exists
  • Capability to oversee ‘cross discipline’ professional teams in delivering scaled change projects
  • Objective advice to assess the challenge and execute the solution
  • Acceleration of a project that has lost momentum
  • Fixed period access to expertise

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2. What is the average contractor salary?

A contractor’s salary heavily depends on the person’s skills and the industry they will be working in. So, there is no one size fits all solution.

However, we have industry specific salary guides outlining exactly what contractors are getting paid across all industries we recruit in. You can use the salary guides to get an understanding of how much you should be paying the contractors in your industry.

3. How soon can Morgan McKinley find me a contractor?

Our contracting team understands how important it is for your organisation to fill a role as soon as possible. We have successfully placed highly qualified contractors within as little as 24 hours. Get in touch with us today if you are looking to hire your next contractor.

4. Does Morgan McKinley have a contractor pool readily available for me to choose from?

Yes, here at Morgan McKinley we have a rich candidate pool with specialised skill sets making it easy to find specialised talent in a tight timeframe.

The most efficient process for securing top contracting talent is by working with a contract recruitment team. A recruitment consultant will be able to decrease the risks associated with the hiring process, but also significantly decrease the time associated with hiring by providing the service of pre-screening, shortlisting and providing reliable and successful contractors.

5. Is it faster to hire a contractor?

Yes, the purpose of hiring a contractor is to fill the vacant position as fast as possible.

One of the major drawbacks of hiring a permanent employee is the time taken from initial screening through to onboarding. By hiring contractors an organisation is guaranteed to secure talent much quicker. This has proved vital for organisations when an immediate and unforeseen need arises.  

6. How do I pay my contractors?

We offer a dedicated in-house payroll service, so you can rest assured that your contractors will be paid on time. Contractors are paid on a monthly or weekly basis depending on the company they are contracting with.

If your contractor is hired on a fixed term contract, organisations often choose to pay directly on a monthly pro-rata salary.

7. Who is my main contact person at Morgan McKinley?

We have a dedicated contract recruitment team specialised in filling temporary roles. Once you submit your vacancy, the recruitment consultant specialised in hiring contract roles for your industry will be in touch with you to discuss your hiring needs.


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