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2018 Sales Salary Guide

Sales Salary Guide

Written by Daniel Cooper
Jan 31, 2018

2018 sales salary ranges for professionals working in pharma, medical devices, consumer goods or event management in Singapore.

Sales Salaries in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices            Salary Range
Managing Director/ General Manager - Regional (15 + years) $220k - $335k
Business Head - Regional (10 + years) $190k - $280k
Country Manager (10 + years) $170k - $210k
National Sales Manager/ Business Manager (10 + years) $150k - $190k
Senior/ Group Sales Manager (8 + years) $95k - $150k
Sales Manager (5 + years) $70k - $120k
Senior Sales Representative (3 + years) $50k - $65k
Sales Salaries in Consumer Goods                Salary Range
Associate Director/ Managing Director/ Senior Director (15+ years) $200k - $350k
Regional Business Development Manager (10 - 15+ years) $140k - $220k
Business Manager /General Manager (10 years) $120k - $180k
National Sales Manager (8 - 12 years) $100k - $150k
Senior Sales Manager/ Director (8 - 15+ years) $85k - $200k
Sales / key Account Managers (5 - 10 years) $60k - $100k
Category Manager/ Director $60k - $230k
Event Management Salaries  Salary Range
Operations Events Director (8 + years) $100k - $160k
Creative Director (7 + years) $96k - $150k
Business Development Manager (5 + years) $65k - $120k
Senior Events Manager (5 + years) $75k - $120k
Events Manager (3 + years) $55k - $75k
Events Executive (1 + years) $40k - $60k

Commentary on Sales Roles and Remuneration in Singapore for 2018

In 2018 we predict the top three jobs in demand will be general manager, sales or business development manager and trade marketing manager roles. 

With the global economy still facing headwinds, the need to hire sales or business development talents stays competitive. For the same reason, many companies started to see the importance in having a dedicated headcount in driving the trade/ field marketing aspect. Trade marketing sits in between sales and marketing and plays a vital role in driving business ROI. The role is responsible for identifying gaps in the market and developing trade strategies to close those gaps without diluting the brand equity. With the business getting competitive, companies are committed to invest in account management talents to stay close to the ground. 

As the Singapore government stays committed to the Singaporean First Policy and the increased demand in the account and business development, we will foresee a shortage of local skilled job seekers. As a result, salaries are expected to increase.

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