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2018 Finance and Accounting in Commerce and Industry Salary Guide

Finance and Accounting Salary Guide

Written by Daniel Cooper
Jan 31, 2018

Finance and accounting salaries for permanent accounting professionals working in commerce and industry in 2018.

Commerce Finance and Accounting Salaries

Role 0 - 7 years 8 - 10 years 11 - 15 years 15 years +
CFO/ VP Finance - - $250k - $330k $320k - $500k
Finance Director - - $200k - $240k $240k - $330k
Financial Controller - $120k - $160k $160k - $200k $200k - $250k
Commercial Finance Manager - $100k - $130k $130k - $160k $160k - $200k
Financial Planning and Analysis Director/ Business Controller - $120k - $160k $160k - $200k $200k - $250k
Internal Audit Director - - $160k - $190k $200k - $300k
Internal Audit Manager - $90k - $120k $120k - $160k -
Internal Auditor $55k - $85k $75k - $110k - -
Tax Director - - $160k - $220k $220k+
Tax Manager $85k - $100k $100k - $130k $120k - $160k -
Tax Accountant/ Analyst $55k - $80k $80k - $120k - -
Treasury Director/ Treasurer - - $160k - $230k $250k+
Treasury Manager $85k - $100k $100k - $130k $120k - $150k -
Treasury Accountant/ Analyst $55k - $80k - - -
Accounting/ Finance Manager $70k - $90k $90- $120k $120k - $150k $130k+
Financial Accountant $50k - $75k $75k - $100k - -
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager $78k - $95k $100k - $140k $110k - $150k $150k+
Financial/ Business Analyst $50k - $75k $75k - $100k - -
Credit Analyst/ Controller/ Manager $42k - $65k $60k - $90k $90k - $120k $120k+
Revenue Analyst/ Manager $55k - $85k $85k - $120k $120k+ -
Corporate Finance Manager/ Director - $120k - $150k $150k - $200k $250k+
Pricing Analyst/ Manager/ Director $50k - $75k $75k - $110k $120k - $150k $160k+
AP/ AR Analyst/ Accountant/ Manager $42k - $65k $70k - $100k - -
Group Consolidation Accountant/ Manager $65k - $78k $75k - $95k $100k - $150k $150k+
Supply Chain Finance Manager/ Controller Director $85k - $120k $120k - $155k $150k - $230k $250k+
Costing Accountant/ Analyst/ Manager $45k - $78k $80k - $110k $100k - $150k -

-Role typically does not exist at this level

Commentary on Finance and Accounting in Commerce and Industry Roles and Remuneration in Singapore for 2018

In 2018 salaries are not expected to change too drastically. An increasing number of employers are hiring candidates with less experience so there is a greater potential for junior manager roles - moreover, the range of salaries for managers will therefore widen.

Although recruitment has been quieter comparative to about 5 years ago, there are plenty of ‘controlling type’ roles where companies are looking for candidates with strong internal controls, SOX, etc.

Although many MNCs have SSC outsourced they prefer reviews to take place in the Singaporean headquarters by employees with a strong of experience.

Other roles we see in demand are FP&A, sales analysts and business partnering roles where Finance are seen as advisors to senior stakeholders - Forecast analysis, budgets, growth and of course, doing presentation to stakeholders.

Recruitment demand continues to be due to a mix of both replacement hires and new positions. 


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