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About Morgan McKinley

We celebrate the differences unique individuals bring to our organisation.

Our Diversity Promise

At Morgan McKinley, we believe diversity and inclusion is about celebrating the differences that people bring to our organisation. 

Our D&I Promise is to ensure that everyone who interacts with Morgan McKinley, from our clients and candidates to our own employees, are valued and respected, and that their selection for partnership, recruitment, training or promotion, is objective and based solely on professional merit, regardless of their background, identity or circumstances. 

"Our goal is to create an environment that is welcoming to all."

By fostering an inclusive culture which supports a diverse spectrum of talented professionals, we believe we add better value and have better relationships with candidates and clients. 

Equally, we are committed to continually improving our own working environment, thereby ensuring that our workforce reflects the markets we operate within.

Our Three Year Plan

  • Further our engagement with organisations such as Leadership Through Sport and Business and ENEI, as well as identify new partners to broaden networks
  • Work towards Clear Assured status
  • Continue to develop our ‘Women in Leadership’ programme and seminar series
  • Ongoing awareness training for all staff including: training on unconscious bias, competency-based interview techniques

Building a Diverse Network of Candidates

We source and recruit from a truly diverse talent pool to provide the best possible candidates for our clients.

All of our consultants receive diversity and inclusion training, which seeks to ensure that we attract and connect with the widest pool of talent and that we support our clients to execute more inclusive recruitment practices. 

Furthermore, we have developed relationships with D&I organisations to get advice and input on improving our strategies.

Diversity in our Workplace

We truly believe being able to embrace diversity and understand the benefits of a diverse workforce contributes to Morgan McKinley’s competitiveness and success.

It is vital for Morgan McKinley’s workforce to represent the markets we serve. Moreover, we are convinced that our diverse workforce allows us to provide a broader range of services than would otherwise be possible, drawing on a rich variety of skills, talents and experiences, and working in an environment where people feel comfortable communicating various viewpoints and where these viewpoints are embraced.

The statistics below provide an overview of our UK employees as of January 2020.




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