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[Case study] What Happened When This Digital Marketing Manager in Tokyo Moved Industries?

Case study on Changes occured when Digital Marketing Manager in Tokyo Moved Industries

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Miyagi-san was looking at advancing her career in online marketing, here's her story on her move to a new digital marketing manager role in Tokyo.

Before: Working as an Online Marketing Executive

Online Marketing Executive at a European boutique bank, JPY 4-5 mil total

After starting her career in sales and sales support, Miyagi-san was in charge of all online related matters for the firm’s operations in Japan (which was quite small). After five years at her firm however she was looking for a change. The biggest reason for this was to advance her career in a different industry where online marketing held a larger presence in the business. 

She registered with a number of agencies, including Morgan McKinley of course, and interviewed with five to six companies in retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, and a few advertising agencies. 

Having received her university degree at a well-known institution in the US, and seeing her preference for global organisations, Morgan McKinley recommended one particular organisation. A fast-paced, fast-growing global business in the IT sector with their main product offering in B2C. In addition to being a multicultural matrix organisation, the company sees consumer digital marketing as one of the essential components of success. Such an environment offered Miyagi-san an excellent opportunity for career development in this field, and a generous budget to work with.

After two rounds of interviews, we received an offer for Miyagi-san. She faced fierce competition from other more experienced candidates (the role was initially on offer for someone slightly more senior), but won the role in the end with her passion and experience in online marketing.

After: Working as a Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager at a world leading technology company, JPY 6-7 mil total. The company offered her a 26% salary increase. 

And did they live happily ever after?

Well, six months into the job Miyagi-san told us she is very happy in her new environment. She maintains a large budget, is in charge of a variety of projects, and her company is committed to strong growth in Japan. She likes her colleagues and manager, and she is involved in promoting various events through social media which she thoroughly enjoys. 

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