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Useful Mobile Apps for the Tokyo Job-seeker

Mobile Apps for Job Seeker in Japan

Submitted by global_admin on Fri, 08/21/2015 - 10:53
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If you spend a few minutes on a Tokyo Metro or JR train, you’ll quickly notice the sea of faces staring down at smartphone screens, fingers jabbing for a new high score on Candy Crush or answering an email from the boss. 

Here are a few mobile apps I recommend for someone who is job hunting.


Evernote is a popular productivity app and a great tool for organising your digital life. You can use Evernote as a digital filing cabinet, creating notes, organising them into notebooks, creating To-Do lists, saving online content, and much more. For a job-seeker, being organised can save you time, reduce stress and eliminate missed opportunities.

Use notes to keep a record of which companies and roles you have applied to, and whether through recruiters, job portals or directly. Keep track of application progress and interview feedback. Use the email-to-Evernote feature to store job descriptions and meeting/interview details. Use the Web Clipper to clip company website pages for offline viewing as part of your interview preparation. Scan and store business parts of interviewers, recruiters or networking contacts for future reference. Tag everything for easy searchability.


Although LinkedIn usage in Japan is far behind the adoption levels seen in other countries, for people interested in working at gaishikei companies, LinkedIn can be very useful indeed. Along with connecting with specialist recruiters in your field (be sure to check for Recommendations, Skills and Endorsements), it’s a great way to find out more about interviewers, or your possible future manager, as part of your interview preparation, connect with companies directly, and more.


Glassdoor allows current and former employees of companies to anonymously review companies and their management. It also includes ratings on various aspects of companies and management, and covers quite a few Japanese companies and multinational companies in Japan. Take an inside look before applying for roles or accepting a job offer.


With 150+ stations, dozens of lines and multiple operators, getting around the metropolis can test even the most seasoned Tokyoite. Navitime, a travel app, is great app for finding your way. Get to your interview on time!


For me, it’s classic Tetris, the world’s most successful game, with over 170 million copies sold, but there are plenty of top quality free or paid games available, with something for everyone. Goat Simulator, anyone? Always handy if you need to calm your nerves before an interview or wind-down after one.

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