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Tie-ing an Interview: The Strategy of Colours

Tieing an Interview

Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 08/24/2015 - 10:03
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As the famous saying goes, ”a first impression is the last impression”.

Especially when you have an important interview to attend to achieve your big career dreams, you want to make no mistakes. As much as your intelligence, speech and experience matter, so does your physical presentation. Dressing for an interview speaks volumes about your personality. It marks your self-awareness and can convey important messages through the colours you carry.

While for women, pairing it up with jewellery or handbags could be an option, the color of the tie takes the major share in adding colour to the corporate outfit for men. Here is a guide to choosing the right tie for the job interview: 


A red tie at an interview will highlight your boldness and passion. Often favoured by politicians and men of power, it is the perfect colour if you are interviewing at an executive level position as it will show your authority and strength to take up the responsibilities and also delegate effectively.  It may also help boost your impression if you are prone to be nervous or intimidated in interviews.

Red ties with navy, gray, or charcoal suits will give you a savvy, professional look. 


A purple tie to an interview might come across as slightly unorthodox. According to the BBC, people who wear purple ties to work or an interview often stand out  as it is an uncommon colour to wear. However, being noticed at an interview isn't a bad thing - purple ties will communicate confidence and the ability to carry yourself without hesitation. It also implies royalty and wealth as a mark of your personality.

If you are unsure how to match a purple tie, go for a light purple shirt, it will give you a slightly bolder look without distraction.


The black tie signals sophistication. Usually good idea to wear it to a dinner with your hiring company or the executives. Wearing solid black to a job interview might make you look slightly pretentious, hence your best bet would be to stick to a shiny grey for interviews and save the black for corporate parties and dinners.

But stripes or patterns can lighten the impression whilst maintaining a trendy tone; see how stock broker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo Dicaprio’s character in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’) sports a stripy black tie on the poster. 


Blue is the Playing Safe colour. Blue ties are the easiest and safest choice to wear to an interview. It is also the most preferred option. The colour is soothing to the eyes and also denotes professionalism, a great combination that can’t go wrong in a  business setting.

Pair the blue tie with a contrasting suit and shirt to create a more interesting look. A solid navy blue tie would look handsome when paired with classic white shirt and a light gray pin-striped suit. 


Radiance, vitality and brightness - a good choice for the sales interview. The colour implies a cheerful, open and approachable attitude.

A yellow tie goes well with the neutral coloured shirts. Be careful what shade of yellow you pick however, as a dull yellow might sometimes make you look sick if not paired with the right colour of shirt.

If you have spent hours preparing for the interview, why not go the extra mile and choose your tie strategically - what colour are you tie-ing to your interview today?

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