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IT Systems provider CDK Global talks about IT solution within Japan market

IT Solution within Japan Market

Submitted by global_admin on Fri, 08/10/2018 - 11:34
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Today, I am speaking with CDK Global's Country Manager for Japan and Korea markets, BY Cheong. BY has been with the business for over 13 years and has seen it grow in Asia to become one of the most well-respected IT systems providers in the market.

Have you ever bought a car?

Good chance it was brought to you by the IT solutions of CDK Global. As a global provider for ERP systems for automotive companies, CDK Global helps manufacturers and dealerships of personal and luxury cars and trucks with everything from sales to aftersales and customer satisfaction. They are intensifying their presence in Asia and have around 500 employees working in 8 offices throughout APAC.IT Solutions of CDK Global

Mieke: “BY, you have been at CDK Global for a long time, and have even set up new offices in the APAC area. What have been some changes that you’ve seen inside the company?”

BY Cheong - “I feel that we, as a company, have become more aggressive than before. Since we split from ADP in 2014, we have seen new shareholders and management team come to the stage. They are now expecting larger growth in the Asia market, and we are ready to deliver this. Whilst CDK’s International division has experienced a steady single-digit growth, we see double digits in many of the Asian markets.  This has been possible through our focus on growth and acquisitions, and through employing some very talented people in key positions. What has not changed is our company culture, which is very people-oriented. The atmosphere is very friendly for a company of this size.”

Mieke: “How is the Japan market situated in the rest of Asia?”

BY Cheong - “Interestingly, the Japan market seems to lag behind the rest of Asia some 10 to 20 years when it comes to corporate IT especially with business internal operation. For instance, we have only started using SaaS (Software-as-a-Service, ed.) model just recently, when it was already widely used in the rest of Asia. There is a lot to do in Japan over the next years because of that. The OEM’s have not updated their systems for ages and will have to start doing so very soon.”

Mieke: “Why is CDK Global’s IT solution competitive?”

BY Cheong - “Our solution is very complete. Our clients only need one system to prepare and deliver products, engage with customers, secure payment and provide aftercare. Having said that, our system is flexible to work with any existing systems, such as CRMs, a client already has in place. 

Also, due to the fact that we are a global company, we can help their foreign offices as well, delivering a broad, tailored solution.  This makes us different from many competitors in the market. We are not providing a CRM or an ERP system alone, but offering strong and comprehensive system to our customers. 

Mieke: “What is your outlook for the future?”

BY Cheong - “As the Japan automotive retail market is now catching up to the rest of the world, and we have recently been successful in onboarding new clients.  We are very positive about the future. We want to double the size of the Japan business in 3 years. We will do this by offering even further tailored solutions to clients, and by establishing new partnerships with other IT service providers, hardware companies and CRM companies.

I see a lot of interesting developments happening with new technologies such as VR, I truly believe that the future of automotive retail and user experience will change a lot because of new technologies.”


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