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Asset Management Salary Guide 2017

2017 Asset Management Salary Guide

Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 02/20/2017 - 11:50
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See the Morgan McKinley Japan Salary Guide 2017 for asset management professionals

Basic Salaries (¥ Million Per Annum)

Role: Analyst /
Associate /
VP /
Senior Manager
Director /
FRONT OFFICE          
Toshin Sales (ITM Sales) ¥6.5M-8.5M ¥8M-11.5M ¥10M-22M ¥14M-22M ¥16M-40M
Institutional Sales
(pension &
Financial Institutions)
¥6.5M-9M ¥8M-12M ¥11M-21M ¥14M-21M ¥15M-40M
Fund Manager ¥6.5M-9M ¥7.5M-11.5M ¥10M-14M ¥14M-22M ¥15M-31M
Research Analyst ¥6.5M-8M ¥8M-11.5M ¥11M-18M ¥14M-19M ¥18M-24M
Product Management
Sub-Delegated FM
¥6.5M-7.5M ¥7M-11M ¥11M-16M ¥16M-19M ¥18M+
Product Development ¥7M-8M ¥8M-11M ¥12M-15M ¥15M-18M ¥18M-24M
Trader ¥6M-8M ¥7M-10M ¥11M-15.5M ¥12M-18M ¥18M+
BACK OFFICE          
Compliance ¥6.5M-9.2M ¥9M-11.5M ¥11.5M-18M ¥13M-24M ¥16M-28M
Performance Analyst ¥6.5M-8M ¥8M-11M ¥11M-14M ¥14M-17M ¥18M-21M
Client Reporting
(Institutional & Retail)
¥5.5M-8M ¥8M-11M ¥11M-13M ¥14M-15M ¥15M+
Documentation, RFP ¥6.5M-8M ¥8M-11.5M ¥11M-13M ¥13M-15M ¥15M+
Operations -
Fund Accounting /
Pension Accounting
¥6M - 7.5M ¥6.5M - 8.7M ¥8.5M - 12M ¥10M - 15M ¥12M -24M
Accounting ¥5M - 7.8M ¥7M - 9.5M ¥9.5M - 13M ¥13M - 15M -
Assistant(Sales,Division) ¥5M - 7.5M ¥7.5M - 9.75M ¥9.5M - 13M ¥13M - 15M 14M+
HR ¥4.8M - 7.5M ¥8M - 10M ¥12M - 16M ¥17M - 20M ¥20M - 25M


In 2016 we saw a number of firms bolstering their institutional business divisions, especially for financial institutions sales, as a result of  the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy (negative interest rate). There was also a number of vacancies for fixed income product professionals throughout the year. We anticipate continued demand for these skills into 2017 and qualified professionals in these functions should be able to secure above average salary increases.

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