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Why is nobody replying to my job application?


Submitted by global_admin on Wed, 05/02/2018 - 13:42
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Here's the most common reasons that contractors don't hear back on job applications.

Don’t worry! Your phone and your emails are working fine, there is no technical glitch …Working as a recruiter this is a common complaint that I hear from contractors is that they have spent all their time on the job boards applying for roles, never to hear anything back! If you ever thought it was just you, you’re wrong.

The contract recruitment market works quite differently from the permanent market. It’s fast paced, there’s a lot more responses to each role and in a challenged economy, employers are more specific than ever about who exactly they are looking for, when they need them and how costly they’re going to be.

Here are a few reasons why you may have an empty inbox:

A serial applier
If you ever feel that you’re applying to too many jobs, then Stop! Take a deep breath and ask yourself are you really suited to the role you are applying? Just because you’ve read a book called Chordiant Development before, this doesn’t make you qualified to work in the area. Less is more. Ask yourself, can you really do the job in question, tick off the requirements from the spec in your head and then make the decision to apply.

The vague CV
Like an interview, if someone asks you a question related to team management experience, you wouldn’t start talking about how funny your ex-colleagues were. You’d be specific and answer the question! Same thing applies for a CV. If it’s not relevant, it’s not worth your while sending it. Tweak your CV and make it applicable to the job you’re applying for. Either that, or don’t send it!

No visa
Unfortunately it's next to impossible to acquire a visa when you are looking for contract work.  Permanent roles can be an exception for those with niche skills, but for contract, if you want to get the calls, the interviews and inevitably the job, you will need a visa before applying.

A bad recruiter
If you’re a seasoned contractor, by now you should have a good idea which recruiter in your market knows their stuff. I left this one last, because there are times when you’ve made the perfect CV, found the perfect job and then unfortunately the recruiter looking after it overlooks your application. Be wise and stick to the recruiters you trust. Ask them about the role you’ve seen and see if they can represent you. It will make the world of difference!

Avoid these pitfalls and hopefully you will be seeing more responses coming into your inbox.

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