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Why choose a Career in IT?

Why choose a Career in IT?

Submitted by global_admin on Wed, 06/08/2016 - 06:05
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Let me set the scene for you! It‘s Ireland, the sun is shining for the past week, that can mean only one thing - The Leaving Cert is upon us. With thousands of students sitting the leaving this year, I look at some of the reasons we should encourage these bright young people to look to the ICT Sector as a career path of choice.

The technology sector in Ireland employs over 105,000 people; 75% of these are employed in multinationals such as Apple, EMC, VMware and so on, while the remainder are in the indigenous digital technology sector ( So why am I an advocate of encouraging our young people to take up these roles? Well because there are many benefits to a career in IT:

1. Job Security:

Technology is here to stay!  We all use it in our everyday life whether it is banking, shopping, or even booking a holiday - how many times a day do you use google? IT people are no longer seen as a cost to a company but as pivotal to the business if they are to achieve their overall company strategy. As a result, we see more and more job announcements in the ICT sector. Only last week, Amazon announced 500 jobs for Dublin, most of these highly technical jobs across software development, network engineers, datacenter engineers, system engineers DevOps, big data specialists and technical engineers.  There will be a continuous need for graduates from courses such as computer science and business information systems to fill these roles and this is not going to change anytime soon!

2. Command High Salaries:

Are Amazon likely to fill all of these jobs from people in Ireland? The answer is no. Companies like Amazon who are looking for skilled technical resources have to look abroad more often as there is a shortage of this skillset in Ireland due to demand. Last year in 2015, Amazon was the 4th highest importer of employees with over 114 visa applications (, Google ranked the highest with 286 visa applications. We all know the basics of economics when demand increases (all else being equal), prices are driven up. This is no different in the labour market. The high demand for qualified technical people in Ireland is driving salaries up. John Kennedy of Silicon republic commented that most of the Amazon jobs above will come with a salary of €65,000 to €70,000 with some receiving six figure sums.  

3. International Experience:

Unlike Accountancy and Law where each country has different laws and taxes, IT is a skill that has universal currency. This means working and gaining experience abroad is easier and therefore, more of an option. Working abroad for a number of years allows you to get exposure to new technologies, new frameworks and methodologies amongst other things. In Ireland at present, we have a large number of organizations moving towards an agile framework. This requires a whole cultural change within an organization so not an easy task! They need someone to champion this change and therefore, someone highly experienced with Agile! Many of Morgan McKinley’s candidates moving back from London at present have this strong Agile piece. As a result, they are being snapped up by these companies who are after this international experience to help drive their organization.

4. New Technologies:

Working in IT can give you the opportunity to bring leading edge technology to life, to really make a difference in people’s lives. Have you heard of Lucy the newest doctor in Tallaght hospital? Lucy is a tablet computer secured to an extendable pole which sits on top of a self-balancing electric wheel. The doctor on call can drive Lucy around the hospital to meet patient’s bedside, through an app on their phone. This enables doctors who are off site or in different sites of the hospital to chat to patients and younger doctors in order to make a diagnosis and decide on a course of action. This allows for better use of doctors time and therefore, helps to speed up decision making and increase the number of patients diagnosed which benefits patients. Who doesn’t want to be a part of life changing technologies?

These are just a few of the benefits of a career in IT but there are many more. If you are a graduate looking to get into IT or an experienced IT professional looking for the next career move, feel free to call me to discuss your next step on 021-2300300 or email, I look forward to speaking with you.  

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