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We don't use recruitment agencies

We don't use agencies'

Submitted by global_admin on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 04:18
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'We don’t use agencies.' A common response when I contact a company with a vacancy. But why the hesitation in employing the help of a recruitment agency?

Multilingual hiring is consistent when it comes to recruitment however many companies are of the opinion that agencies are too expensive and a waste of time. 'Why pay someone else when you can do it yourself?' Despite this common misconception, recruitment agencies can aid a company in more ways than one:

Time saving

Recruiting the right person can be an extremely time-consuming activity. Most roles will attract a large number of applications. Not all of which will even be relevant or have the required experience. A recruitment agency will deal with all these applications for you; screen the CVs and the candidates so only the top candidates will make it through for your review.


Although the fee charged by a recruitment agency can seem expensive, the cost is a small compromise to find the right person who will fit perfectly into your organisation. Many companies believe if they’re not paying an agency they’re recruiting for free. This is not the case. You are spending your time as well as any other hiring manager's time. It takes time to screen CVs, shortlist candidates, organise interviews, interview candidates, then offer and draw up a contract. Time spent doing all that is time not spent on developing the business … how much is that costing you?

The perfect fit

Recruitment consultants recruit in specialised fields to provide the best possible service for you. Your vacancy will be dealt with by the most suitable consultant for your needs. Recruitment consultants meet all potential candidates in order to fully understand what they are looking for; get a full briefing of their experience and judge what working environments they will fit into. Which means only the most qualified, most suitable candidates will be sent to you.

We can assist both companies and candidates alike in a number of ways. We attract the best talent and follow a strict recruitment process to match the best candidates to their ideal employer.

If you are a company with a vacancy and would like assistance, contact us for more information.

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