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Top five interview tips for supply chain professionals


Submitted by global_admin on Wed, 06/28/2017 - 14:43
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Supply chain continues to evolve and so do supply chain interviews. Supply chain interviews have become more focused on cost saving, metrics, achievements and relationship management.

This now requires additional time to be invested into preparation, taking time to develop strong examples for scenario-based questions, and critiquing your own performance. 

While this may seem obvious to those who have interviewed recently, for this who have not, it can be quite daunting to jump back in. 

Here are my top five tips for supply chain interviews 

First impressions count

It is the classic tip, and for good reason. It is important to ensure you are well groomed and dressed suitably for the interview. It’s better to be overly formal than too casual. A second tip is to also ensure that you are not wearing any bright or distracting patterns. You want the interviewer’s attention on you, not on your attire.

Know your story

A staple of every interview: it is important to know your CV. You also need to explain how you started your career and explain the various moves you made. 

You will also need to account for any gaps in your CV. If you have moved around a lot between contract roles, it is important to explain why you took up the contract roles, what you gained from it, and why the role was not extended.  This gives you a chance to explain your reasons for wanting the role you are interviewing for and how it fits into your career plan. 

Review your own CV looking for any talking points and make up questions that might be asked. Write these down, and ask someone you trust to review how relevant the questions are. 

Take time to review the company, review the culture, research who you will meet and what kind of questions will be asked. Make extensive notes and bullet points.

Devils in the detail

A tricky balance to strike in any interview is how much information to provide on each role while explaining your CV. Some people can provide too little information, others can provide too much and can appear to ramble. A good rule of thumb is to give a quick overview, 2 - 3 stand-out responsibilities that match the role you are interviewing for, and an achievement from that role. This provides a comprehensive review of your role, while allowing an opportunity for questions. 

Be a S.T.A.R

Situation, Task, Action Result.

This will be your lifesaver, especially if you have a tendency to ramble. By using this simple technique, it will allow answers to be concise, remain on point, and convey exactly the right amount of info.

Don’t be afraid to impress

One major reason that people let themselves down in an interview is to say “we” instead of "I". A previous hiring manager I have dealt with once told me that he wanted a team player in the job, but not in the interview. 

It is human nature that when explaining any project work that you begin with “we” but it is really important to also explain your role within the project. It is equally important to state any key achievements from your career. For the majority of roles, two to three achievements are expected, however for more senior roles five or six achievements will need to be prepared. 

Lastly, take a breath before you head in to settle yourself.

Remember you have been chosen to come to this interview so enjoy it. Give it your all and don’t let nerves hold you back.

Here in Morgan McKinley we have extensive knowledge and expertise to help with all of this preparation. As your Career Ally we are committed to helping you throughout the entire process and this includes preparation. 

In advance of your next career move, or your next interview, contact me or the Supply Chain Team or any of our experienced specialist recruitment consultants for advice around each step to help you maximise your chances of securing that dream job!

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