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Saturated jobs market in Supply Chain means that it is a jobseeker’s marketplace..


Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 04/08/2019 - 08:41
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As we come to the end of Q1, our expert recruitment consultants have provided insights into the current employment market within Supply Chain. 

In this Q1 Review, we will be looking at; current trends within the Supply Chain market, talent attraction and retention, unique industry benefits, relevant skills and qualifications, notable behaviours from professionals and any legislation changes or political events set to have an impact on the industry. 


Within Supply Chain, some areas of the market have become saturated in terms of jobs available. Due to this saturation, job seekers on the market can now afford to be more selective in terms of the roles they choose, this has an impact on talent attraction as companies are having to do more and more in order to entice the best candidates. As well as this, more and more flexibility is being offered across the market, particularly when it comes to global roles, where there is an increase in professionals relocating from abroad and so being offered relocation assistance. 


There are certain areas of the supply chain market which have experienced a lull recently due to some market uncertainties on the back of the upcoming Brexit. The areas which have been affected are mainly Planning and Forecasting as these require market certainty even from a recruitment perspective. There also continues to be a rise in counter offers across the board, particularly in the areas of Pharma and Biopharma due to increased competition for talent.

Among professionals, there is a focus on gaining Supply Chain qualifications such as IPICS, IIPMM, CILT and Lean Six Sigma as these are seen as an advantage normally on top of your standard BSc. The Cert in Procurement Management (UCC) is another qualification which holds momentum across the market. Another notable trend is that within certain demographics professionals are considering other location options outside of Dublin such as Limerick, Cork and Galway. These options are offering similar opportunities albeit with cheaper rent prices and overall cost of living. 

Legislation changes, political events and industry occurrences:

Brexit and the Trump presidency in America have both had a negative effect on the growth of recruitment across Supply Chain. As mentioned above, different sectors such as Planning and Manufacturing have been affected and in turn,  other areas such as Logistics & Trade Compliance space have seen more opportunities being created. 

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