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Moving to Ireland? Tips for job seekers (I wish I was told)

Moving to Ireland? Tips for job seekers (I wish I was told)

Submitted by global_admin on Fri, 02/23/2018 - 09:46
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Thinking about moving to Ireland? What about working in Ireland? Here's our top tips for the job hunting part of your relocation to the Emerald Isle.

I arrived to Ireland a couple of years ago just a few weeks after I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Hungary. Leaving behind my family and friends was not an easy decision, but I was looking for a new adventure and wanted to understand how life works in a foreign country. I was excited to start my new life in Ireland.

I joined Morgan McKinley’s multilingual recruitment team as a recruitment consultant and one of my main tasks is to contact candidates from all over the world. I provide them information about great job opportunities and relocation tips before they decide to move abroad.

There are certainly many tips I could give anyone looking to relocate but here I'll stick only to the tips that I wish I was given when started to look for a job opportunity in a foreign country.

Cost of living in Ireland

Before you book your flight to Ireland, I suggest you  look at the renting prices in Ireland, specifically in Dublin. Being one of the major factors in relocating, comparing Ireland with your home country you will may notice differences in salary and expenses.

While the salaries in Ireland can be beneficial, other fees can be more expensive. I would suggest you research prices and locations on websites like:,,,;;;

Strong  language skills - key to success?

Speaking foreign languages is definitely a key skill when you are looking for a new job in Ireland. However, speaking your mother tongue in most of the cases will not be enough. If you decide to relocate to Ireland, I would advise you to improve your English skills or attend an English language course to have more job opportunities in the future.

Take a look at the structure of your CV

While we all know to update our CVs with the most recent and relevant information on our skills and experience, what you might not realise is that the structure of CV differs throughout the world. Following the standard and rules will make your application look more professional and it will also show you're familiar with the market. Some of the difference may be in the details, for example:

  • in English CVs it's well seen to use strong adjectives - something that wouldn't work in Germany or France
  •  or disclosing your personal information or adding photo - acceptable in continental Europe, but considered redundant on the Emerald Island

In some cases a cover letter is either required or an advantage for an application.

Prepare a good cover letter

Your cover letter is your presentation card and your chance to introduce yourself. Make sure to take this opportunity to explain your reasons for planning to relocate. One of the first aspects an employer will try to understand when your CV lands at their desk is how serious you are about moving to a new country. Your cover letter should show your determination and willingness to relocate. Try to be open, honest and specific while listing out your reasons for making the move. 

Get familiar with the most popular jobs websites

Now you have your CV and your cover letter ready and it’s time to seek for opportunities. There are many websites that will help you get started including our own! Make sure to check the jobs posted on our website  (recruitment agencies don't always publish all their roles on the job boards).

Keep track of the roles you're applying for - you don't want to flood your potential employer with hundreds of emails and messages. We may also have roles you could be a good match for that aren't yet advertised. Or you might not even realise that you could be the right fit for a certain role until you discuss the details with one of our consultants.

PPS number and opening your bank account
Once you are in Ireland you will be required to register at Revenue and apply for a PPS number.

What is a PPS number?

PPS number is your Personal Public Service number that helps you access social welfare benefits, public services and information in Ireland. To get a PPS number, you will need to fill out an application form in the PPS number center, provide evidence of your identity and evidence of why you need a PPS number allocated.

You must also provide proof of your address. You will need two documents to open an Irish bank account: a document to prove your address and a valid form of photo ID. Your passport, driving licence or national identity card (if you are an EU citizen) are all valid forms of photo ID. Please visit for further information.

Language exchange meetings or intercultural nights

Social life is just as important as your career. What's more, your social life and your work life are/will be strongly linked. Some of your colleagues will become your best friends. Some of your new friends might one day become your colleagues and help you progress through your career. As calculated as it may sound, the reality is that when living in a foreign country far away from your friends and family, it is all the new people that you'll meet and befriend who will help you survive the toughest times. 

As soon as you land, make sure to put an effort in meeting new people - either through Facebook groups or websites such as (this is where I met my current best friends!).

Don't give up and stay positive!

There will be days when you'll doubt whether you can make it in a new country.  Know, that this is all normal and part of adaptation process. Starting a new life in a foreign country will give you the strengths to face difficult situations and become a mature, independent person.

Why do multilingual professionals relocate to Ireland?

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