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International IT graduates in Ireland and the Stamp 1G Visa

International IT Graduates in Ireland

Submitted by global_admin on Wed, 10/05/2016 - 07:41
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I recently attended a workshop in University College Cork aimed at helping international students succeed in the Irish workforce.

It was a pleasure to get to stand in front of a room of highly intelligent people that have moved to Ireland to experience our amazing culture and study in such a prestigious university. 

The careers event was focused on CV writing, interview preparation and visas in Ireland. The visa part is of particular interest to me as every single day I am speaking to brilliant candidates that are unfortunately restricted in the career opportunities available to them due to a lack of knowledge from companies in Ireland.

Given there is a lack of knowledge out there, I wanted to try clear things up a little…

In Ireland, international IT students that have completed a third level degree or Masters are provided with a Stamp 1G Visa on completion of their course. When the IT student gets this Stamp 1G Visa, they are eligible to work for 12 months. Within that 12 months they can apply for further work permits so that they can stay working in Ireland long term. To apply for these new permits, generally all that is needed from the company is a signature on a form as candidates are always happy to pay for the visa themselves to get the opportunity to continue working here. 

The Stamp 1G Visa candidates often have previous working experience from their home countries and are completing courses here to get a foot in the door. The IT market is booming at the moment and I feel some companies here are missing out on some excellent IT talent due to a lack of knowledge in this area. 

If you have IT vacancies at the moment and you would like to speak to me about my experience with international IT graduates then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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