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How to stand out from the competition in Project, Transformation & Consulting during the summer months..

How to stand out from the competition in Project, Transformation & Consulting during the summer months..

Submitted by global_admin on Thu, 07/04/2019 - 08:19
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The summer months are traditionally seen as being somewhat slower in the world of hiring. 

However, that doesn’t mean that hiring stops completely and that companies aren’t or shouldn’t be looking for new talent. There are certain tips you can follow to make the most of the summer period and to ensure you don’t miss out on any possible opportunities 

  1. Make a decision on what you need in terms of a candidate or if you are in job seeking in terms of a new role, this will result in a faster, more efficient process for all involved. 
  2. As an employer, ensure that you consider professionals with strong Project Management or Business Analyst experience, even if they may not have the exact domain knowledge or experience for the role that you require. 
  3. Be open to professionals from different sectors who may have transferable skills useful to the roles you are recruiting for.
  4. Look into the options we offer at Morgan McKinley for contract Project Manager and Business Analyst options for a variety of solutions - it is a strong and cost effective solution to short term challenges. 
  5. The market is very active at present so consistently trying to target candidates is key to success. 

In terms of key trends at the moment, there are lots of exciting projects and roles available in various types of organisations, meaning that it is an exciting and busy time to be job seeking within Project, Transformation & Consulting (PTC). Although the market is tight and concise, there is an ever growing pool of professionals seeking employment to choose from, including professionals returning from overseas who are also seeking employment as they rejoin the Irish workforce. In order to make their CV stand out, candidates should express their availability as there are a lot of tight deadlines to meet in regards to hiring timelines. 

The challenges or difficulties faced this quarter included a slight slowing down of the speed of processes by which big firms make decisions, which can be a difficulty for jobseekers. For employers, locating talent with a very specific set of skills for niche programmes appears to have been the main challenge.In terms of areas of growth for the quarter, Regulatory has been a standout for this quarter, with new areas of Financial Services moving to Dublin, with Digital in particular continuing to be an important sector in terms of growth and transformation also. 

As we look towards Q3, we are set to see a further increase in consultancy activity. Firms are taking account of their annual budgets and assessing and working to improve their speed of hiring for the rest of the year. There are potential challenges by way of speed of process during the summer months. There is also a continued skills gap in terms of expectation of companies versus requirements candidates meet. 

Top Tip for Jobseekers!

Keep promoting you availability and flexibility. Consider both contract and permanent options as well as both consultancy and organisation opportunities. Being flexible in the type of work you are willing to consider will stand to you in the long run. 

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