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How to get yourself headhunted and why you should try it


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The two simple things you have to do to get headhunted…

From speaking with job seekers every day, one thing I’ve noticed in recent years is the huge increase in people who ended up in their new job after being headhunted. Headhunting is the practice of being approached by a third party, usually a recruitment or executive search agency, to go forward for a new position.

This is typically the way that passive candidates (the term used in the recruitment industry for candidates who don’t pro-actively apply for new positions) end up being offered a new opportunity that they weren’t initially searching for. These people are usually already in a job they like; they have no negative motivations for wanting to leave, and for me that is often the best way to get involved in any recruitment process.

Without knowing what your options actually are, the easiest thing to do is to stay put in your current comfortable role. However, being involved in a process with another company will give you a greater understanding of what you have, or what you don’t have; and this puts you in much better place when it comes to making an informed decision on whether you should stay, or go.  being involved in a process with another company will give you a greater understanding of what you have, or what you don’t have; and this puts you in much better place when it comes to making an informed decision

Here are the two simple things that you should do to make sure that you don’t miss out when companies are searching for someone like you:

Have a great LinkedIn profile

Having a LinkedIn profile these days is pretty much expected of anyone in business, after all 400 million of us have one! Being on LinkedIn doesn’t mean that you’re applying for jobs, but it does mean that you are easily found by the recruitment experts and hiring managers out there who are looking for someone just like you.

Your LinkedIn profile page is your individual professional website along with being your virtual CV, and it allows you to project your own personal brand to the world. Having a well-constructed page which includes the right quality photo and the right amount of information on your skills, experience and education are things that will get you noticed and found.

Keywords are of particular importance as this is what recruiters search for, so be particularly mindful of how you describe yourself. For some further invaluable lessons we can learn from the page of Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn), click here.

Be great at what you do

The world is a small place and each industry has its own community where good people know good people. Being known for being great at your job, and being a name that people are happy to recommend is really important when it comes to being headhunted.

Whenever a recruiter is told by someone that they are not interested in a new opportunity, any recruiter worth their salt will always ask the question “If this isn’t for you, can you recommend anyone else you know who might be suitable for an opportunity like this?” Being the best that you can be at your job every day is something everyone should aspire to, although this isn’t always easy! Consistent excellence and being a top performer is always noticed though, so bear this in mind.

Just to be clear, sometimes the best option is to stay put. But how can you be sure of that unless you know what you are choosing between?

If you would rather not wait until you are contacted, why not get in touch with the recruitment experts here at Morgan McKinley. Click on the links to your area of interest below to see the team of specialist recruiters who are ready to take your call:

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