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How to gain a competitive advantage in Engineering this summer..

How to gain a competitive advantage in Engineering this summer..

Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 07/15/2019 - 09:44
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As we move through summer 2019, it’s about time to think about gaining a competitive edge in terms of both hiring and job seeking.

As is the case in many other industries, Engineering recruitment traditionally experiences a sort of lull lull during the summer months, with employers and job seekers alike taking time off to enjoy the summer sun. This piece will offer some guidance on how to navigate this period in the market to ensure your hiring process or job search is a success, regardless of any so called seasonal slowdown.

Employers are competing for talent on a daily basis within Engineering, and this shows no signs of stopping. With this in mind, job seekers are in high demand, which is a very favourable place to be in. We have outlined a number of tips for employers to follow below alongside some points for job seekers to consider in their job search in order to stand out from the competition:

Employer Advice

As mentioned above, Engineering professionals across the board are in high demand, so as an employer, you must consider how to best attract quality talent to your organisation. The smallest details of the package on offer by your business can be the deciding factor in securing your desired applicants. Job seekers are often at final stages with more than one employer at a time, so it’s crucial that your package stands out above other businesses. Key areas to consider are flexible working options, healthcare and dental. There are few businesses who are really hitting the mark in these areas, so including perks like this in the package should improve your rate of success.

Although the package on offer is important, the modern day Engineering professional is most keen to get exposure to new technologies and innovative projects. It’s vital to emphasize the exciting work and L&D opportunities that your organisation can offer to its job applicants. Many employers are falling short in conveying this value proposition, so if you make this a focus in your conversations with candidates, you will maintain interest throughout the hiring process.

Employee Advice

The market is certainly favourable towards the job seeker at the moment, but that being said, securing your next career opportunity in the summer months can still be a tricky task. The first thing to be aware of is the speed of each interview process, if there is a position that you’re holding out for over other options, but the employer is moving slowly and is less reactive, make sure to have patience. Many key decision makers in organisations go on holidays over the summer period which can cause a delay in the interview process. So if an employer is less responsive than expected, it’s likely that annual leave is causing a hold up on their end. Don’t be afraid to query HR or the hiring manager around the speed of the interview process. This will ensure that your expectations are managed correctly.

Another avenue to consider is the type of employment you pursue. Contract employment opportunities are on the rise, and with daily rates reaching all time highs it’s a great time to give it a try, if it’s something that would be of interest to you. Working as a contractor allows you to gain highly valued experience across multiple industries and you’ll get exposure to many exciting projects.

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