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Are you an experienced engineer looking for a change of direction? Have you moved abroad for work and are now looking to relocate back to Ireland? Contract roles are becoming increasingly popular in the market with more and more major companies recruiting for them. 

While it may not be for everyone, there are some undeniable benefits to contract roles which you may not be aware of or have considered. We at Morgan McKinley think these are worth highlighting for our readers and want to show you  the type of opportunities work like this can open up for those within the engineering industry. We have specialist consultants who cover mechanical, electrical & chemical engineering across research and development, design, project management , process engineering , quality and validation , manufacturing and automation, maintenance and facilities. These range from junior level to senior appointments. For a list of all our current open roles please click here.

Gain Invaluable Industry Experience: These type of contract roles are often focused on introducing new products to the market, which provides great opportunities for any engineer to work on. Professionals will get to essentially choose the projects they work on, enabling them to list a variety of projects on their CV. This will in turn allow them to develop new skills and gain diverse experience across a variety of areas. Diversity is the key to keeping any employee engaged and interested in their career choice and this is why this approach achieves unprecedented success for so many who embark on it.

Lucrative Rates: The going rates for these kind of roles are very lucrative. Limited company contractors are also entitled to extra expenses such as petrol and also essentially end up paying less tax. This means that it is a desirable way to make money for professionals in the industry. This is an interesting fact as sometimes people have a preconceived idea that contractors get paid less than those in permanent positions.  As a contractor, you will negotiate a daily or hourly rate of pay for your professional services yourself.. And although  contractors do not generally receive paid holiday leave, they can indeed incorporate holiday pay into their rate.

Flexible Schedule: The average working week for a contractor of this kind is 37.5 hours. However, because you are not tied to a company, you can often work out a schedule which suits you as a contractor. This flexibility is a desirable factor which is not often found in more permanent positions. Achieving a flexible schedule while earning a generous amount of money is not something which job seekers come by lightly and one which should be made the most of. 

Streamlined Contracting Experience: Many people are reluctant to get into contracting because they fear the difficult transitionary period. This experience can be streamlined by a professional recruitment firm such as ourselves to make it as stress-free and efficient as possible. As a PAYE contractor, you will either be on the books of Morgan McKinley or the company itself, whereas if you are a limited company contractor, you will use the likes of Contracting Plus. You make the choice as to which method suits you best. If you are an expat considering moving home, then Morgan McKinley can help your spouse out also in their job search as we recruit across a number of disciplines for both temp and permanent roles. 

Abundance Of Roles Available: A concern of many job seekers is that they will be left out of work if they decide to pursue contracting positions. We want to let you know that this is not the case. For a start, 18 of the world’s top 25 medical technology companies HQ’s are based in Ireland and 50% of the 400 medtech companies based here are indigenous to Ireland. Morgan McKinley prides itself on being on the Preferred Supplier List of most big pharmaceutical companies. This means that we can therefore hopefully make the job seeking process as smooth and efficient as possible. 

The above are just some of the benefits of an engineering contract role and how this type of work can be a positive career choice for experienced professionals. If it sounds like something which may be of interest to you, a friend, family member or colleague -  then please feel free to contact our Engineering Contract Recruitment Consultant Eleanor Collins

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