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Get the job you really want

Get the job you really want

Submitted by global_admin on Thu, 05/07/2020 - 08:26
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Career Advice on working towards your dream job during Covid 19

As our seventh week of isolation commences, many people are stuck at a crossroads of what to do next!  Covid-19 has affected the Irish employment landscape in so many ways - redundancies, temporary lay offs, reduced hours and pay cuts, with much uncertainty as to what the new work environment will look like.
As a consultant, I’m here to offer market advice and to help people prepare themselves the best they can to stand out among the competition.  We can’t control the job market, but we can control our presence in it. 
My advice to people, who are currently looking for a new opportunity, is to take this time to get ahead of the market and really prepare to work towards the job they want. 
They say looking for a job is a full time job in itself so here is my advice on how to take advantage of the extra time you may have,  focusing on your future career. 

Research the job you really want! 

You know you want to work in Finance or Technology industries, and you have narrowed down what the next move might look like but what might that look like long term? Research the career paths of other professionals in your line of work, how did they get there? Look at the career steps it took to get to that dream job and you are one step closer to knowing what that journey looks like for you. 

Research jobs and perfect your CV

We know that tailoring a CV is time consuming and can certainly be a challenge but it is time well spent. The easiest place to start is again…research! Take the time to review job specs online of roles you wish to apply to, cross reference the duties and requirements with your own experience. Are there any gaps? The more research you do, the more you will recognise what requirements are most sought after. These are what you build your CV on and prioritise. 


You have researched and identified the career path you want to take and any skill gaps. The next bit of advice I would say is upskill where you can, to narrow those gaps. We have access to so many online platforms to learn new skills, giving us the flexibility to upskill from home. Use these resources to narrow that gap.
Build your network 
It is a good idea to build your professional network and your personal brand on LinkedIn. Add relevant skills to your profile. Keep your information up to date. Follow relevant companies and stay informed and present in the markets you want to be a part of. You could go that extra mile and ask for endorsements to verify those skills. Reach out to specialist recruiters who recruit in your area. 

Create a folder

It seems simple to say but organising yourself will help you stay efficient in your job search. Keep all job applications so you know exactly what you applied for and keep all your documents together including job specs, CV, any relevant documents such as references, qualifications and visa papers if needed. Save the recruitment contacts you have built up along the way. All your information will be in one place and you are ready to go. 

Interview Preparation

Finally, preparation is key to a successful interview. Know your CV thoroughly and research commonly asked competency based questions. Prepare your answers using the STAR technique as they are sometimes tricky to answer on the spot with no preparation. Please do get in touch with myself or one of my colleagues if you would like some help and advice when preparing for your interview that may lead you to your next career move! 

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