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Company Values... “queue eye roll”. Yes they matter!

Company Values... “queue eye roll”. Yes they matter!

Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 04/10/2017 - 04:44
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As a specialist recruitment consultant, I have worked with 100’s of companies over the years, and have seen that when it comes to a company’s core values, candidates often dismiss them as waffle to their detriment.

People tend to think of them as some corporate sound bites created by a marketing team – Not so, for most organisation’s their core values are a part of its DNA. 

Why are they so important? 

A company’s values are a guideline for how they carry out business and how their employees behave in the workplace.  It’s what the company stands for. 

A company’s core values should resonate with you. I was the quintessential passive candidate when I was invited to interview for Morgan McKinley and it was the company values that compounded my decision to make the change. 

The company’s ethos is summed up in one phrase – “Go Beyond”. It means we take that extra step, we go beyond your immediate needs and strive to exceed expectations. When doing my research, I found that the 4 core values that enable Morgan McKinley to “Go Beyond” were also core to how I have always strived to behave in my professional career. The fact that the company started in Cork didn’t hurt either!

Morgan McKinley's Core Values

Companies put real thought into their core values. The Human Resources team are often tasked with ensuring the ethos is a driving factor through the company and potential candidates will need to demonstrate the core values whether intentionally or not throughout the whole interview process. In not giving recognition to the core values, you are very likely offending the very person with a key stake in how they operate and real belief they add to the organisation. You may have the best skills for the job but unless you demonstrate you fit in with the company culture you will be passed over. You are not only ignoring a valuable tool in securing the perfect role, but also ignoring the information that will show if the company is the right fit for you. In today’s market where we have options why not choose the company that suits your values and ethics. 

You will find a company’s core values on their ‘about us’ or ‘Careers’ page.

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