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Business Leaders Insights on the Impact of Covid-19

Business Leaders Insights on the Impact of Covid-19

Submitted by global_admin on Wed, 04/15/2020 - 08:49
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Business Leaders Insights on the Impact of Covid-19

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MMK Executive has conducted a survey of business leaders measuring their experience of the Covid19 pandemic and the impact it has had so far. I would like to thank all who participated.

As businesses, employers and employees continue to adapt to working from home, new initiatives, positive updates and success stories have been shared across all sectors and industries. Some of the participants of our survey had the following to say.

“Working from home is now a level playing field allowing you to become one voice in conversation with clients, customers and colleagues. Key piece is awareness of surroundings.”

“Our business has  engaged new business partnership due to the fact of extra time with both parties to unstructured brainstorming!”

“We’ve seen an increase in Sales across our food business and are proud to be feeding the nation.From a team perspective, we’re sending out care packages to our colleagues, supporting home schooling and making sure everyone takes their well needed breaks.Overall,we’ve been working well in very challenging times”

“This presents an opportunity for individuals to shine and think outside the box. It’s  been great for the team and ultimately, we’re finding solutions.”

“Our key focus has been  our clients and how we can help rather than sell. We’ve really  helped several health care  and logistics companies during this period. I'm happy about that”

"While working from home, we’ve discovered a better connection with our colleagues through a video call. Home setting and normal clothes also result in people being more relaxed, giving them a chance to build relationships in a more informal way."

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