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5 Tips for Information Technology Graduates

5 Tips for Information Technology Graduates

Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 09/10/2018 - 03:29
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Considering your foray into the professional world is as much about self-reflection and personal development as it is looking outside of yourself and the necessary market consideration.

We have compiled some advice for IT Graduates, staying away from CV updating and interview preparation because frankly that's a given, instead some food for thought and some practical steps.


  1. Know what you want, but be open to everything.

Sounds contradictory doesn’t it. This process begins by evaluating your course of study in terms of the strengths and weaknesses you demonstrated throughout your modules of study, which areas really interested you and which areas need more exploration. Knowing what you want is not about the exact job title and company, rather the areas you will pursue. But being open to everything means that an excellent opportunity may masquerade as something else. Don't get bogged down in the duration of an entry level role, try to look at the level of exposure it will offer you; the Company you will enter, in terms of the Business and the Mentors you will be surrounded by. It might sound good to say you work for a Multi National, but the role with an SME may provide far more hands on experience.

  1. Manage your time and make your research productive.

Your graduate job search has the potential to become all consuming, consider treating it like a job in itself for maximum productivity. Bearing in mind you may have to continue with the casual labour that pays the bills, demonstrate your time management skills by assigning yourself tasks.

Block 1 - CV Prep/Editing,
Block 2 - Researching Companies & live jobs
Block 3 - Submitting applications
Block 4  - Interview Preparation  
Block 5  - Social Media Activity

Ask yourself where you can fit these blocks into your day around other priorities, work through them and repeat. Don’t over think it, blocks 2 & 5 can be done while you kill time on Public Transport.

  1. Know your technology and know its place

This practice will have formed much of your University study, continue to research what technology and systems companies in your area of interest are using and how they have developed. You will uncover companies that meet your interests and also identify the organisations that have developed with trends and perhaps will continue to do so, making them a company that could prove very formative for a Graduate placement.

  1. Network

This doesn’t have to mean events!! Set up a Professional Twitter Profile, this is something that will stand to you for your entire career not just as a graduate. Follow Technology Professionals, Tech companies in your region, Industry leaders from across the world and build up a feed of knowledge to learn who is who, what companies are doing, and get an international perspective that may teach you about what’s going on elsewhere and how it may influence the Irish market.

As you build up this network online, engage professionally with people, contribute to discussions, share news, again this is a networking activity you can grow throughout your career and it will naturally evolve as your career does.

  1. Connect with a Morgan McKinley Recruitment Consultant

At this stage of your career you are unlikely to have dealt with recruiters, but it's another resource you must utilise when looking at all your options. Register your CV with a member of the IT team (or your relevant area of industry) and it means that we have your details to get in touch when we have entry level opportunities. At Morgan McKinley our practice is to flag Graduate details with our colleagues as we know they may have relevant opportunities in the future. Engaging with one Consultant can open your profile up to several others, and if you wish to pursue opportunities in other locations we will share our candidates with Consultants there too.

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