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5 reasons why you should consider a move to Dublin...


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Have you ever considered a move to the Capital? Here's what you need to know...

5 reasons why you should consider a move to Dublin...

Maybe you are considering a move to Ireland, and therefore naturally enough the capital is the first city which comes to mind, or maybe you are currently residing elsewhere in the country and think it’s time to make the move to the East, either way we want to let you know some of what Dublin has to offer as a living destination of choice….

1) Excellent Quality Of Life 

Our capital has actually been listed as 33rd in international consulting group Mercer’s most recent ‘’Quality of Living’’ ranking. This means that it has improved one place up from last year and was the highest ranked city in both Ireland and the UK, pipping London, Ediburgh and Glasgow to the post. Factors which contributed to its success included ‘’stable political environment’’ ‘’lower levels of air pollution’’ and a strong ‘’socio cultural environment’’. Many people would prefer to move to Dublin than its counterparts both here in Ireland and in the UK due to its reputation as being somewhere where one can enjoy a relatively good quality of life for a lower cost of living than in other cities. 

2) Ample Job Opportunities

The overall employment market in Ireland right now is buoyant, but in particular in Dublin. Many of the larger international companies such as Google and Facebook have headquarters based in Dublin, bringing in talent from across the globe. The Technology sector in particular has experienced rapid growth within the capital over the last few years.With this in mind, It is little wonder that many people move to Dublin for both education and employment alike. The latest Dublin Economic Monitor showed that employment rates in the city are at their highest level in 20 years, with almost 700,000 people now being employed in the capital, which is a massive increase of 33,000 in the last year alone. 

3) Efficient Transport Options

Public transport services within the city are strong and efficient with plenty bus options, the infamous DART system which is a highly convenient public transport system and the latest addition to the public transport offering in the city - the LUAS (light rail-transit service tram system).While these are the internal transport links within the city, externally there are also plenty of rail and bus options from Dublin to other parts of the country such as Cork, Limerick, Dublin and Galway. There are copious amounts of taxis available in the city as well, many using the MyTaxi and Lynk apps. 

4) Infamous Culture 

Dublin is host to some world-renowned culture options such as museums (e.g. The National Museum of Ireland), historical sites (such as Kilmainham Gaol) and touristic quarters like Temple Bar. With a fantastic range of venues and theatres to visit, there is definitely not a dull moment in regards to life in the city. As well as this, Dublin plays host to a bustling nightlife scene and a number of outdoor areas and amenities such as Dublin Zoo and Phoenix Park. Tourists and residents alike enjoy this lively culture on a daily basis and is a huge draw for many thinking of moving there.

5) Closeness to the countryside and beaches

Although you would be living in a city in Dublin, it is also nearby various countryside destinations such as Glendalough and Ticknock. This makes for plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy on the weekend (if the weather allows for it!). As well as this, Dublin itself is home to a number of impressive beaches such as Sandymount and Seapoint, ideal for water lovers and those who just fancy a stroll. 

The above is just a taste of what Dublin has to offer, for more information on moving to the city and seeking employment here please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself at the below contact details, or to view our latest jobs in Dublin click here

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