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5 Reasons NOW is a good time to build a career in tax

5 Reasons NOW is a good time to build a career in tax

Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 05/09/2016 - 06:21
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 A specialist field – you will be a subject expert and much sought after for Tax advice

Let’s face it, it is inherently gratifying to be “the go to person” for specialist knowledge and advice. Sure, at a superficial level it’s good for your ego, and it can be good for your pocket too, but I think it’s also true that it takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice and commitment to become an expert and so being highly sought after for your advice brings a great degree of satisfaction for having made that effort. 

2. Tax advice operations decision making

As the business operating environment becomes increasingly complex as a result of globalisation and the digital era, the tax implications of business operations and transactions are increasingly taking a more centre stage in strategic planning and decision-making. As a result, if you have specialist tax knowledge that can support decision-making, your services will be in high demand.

3. Intellectually satisfying: Blends numeracy, research and argument

Tax presents an opportunity for a very intellectually satisfying career. You will draw on and develop your skills in numeracy, research, law and argument. Then of course, the equally rewarding challenge of communicating complex advice in a way that your client or business colleagues can understand and use to inform commercial decisions.

4. Break through the glass ceiling: what you know, not who you know, defines career progression

Tax is a field where knowledge is king. In tax, your career progression will be defined by what you know, not who you know. So, if you are looking around at the competition for progression in your current team and feel like you have been wrongly passed over or there is too much traffic ahead of you, specialising in tax can be a route to bypass those restrictions and fast-track your career. There is always a demand for good tax accountants operating at local, national and international level.

5. Work-life balance

In professional services, many tax firms offer flexible working arrangements including working from home, flexi-time and more favourable maternity leave terms because, well, you’re the expert and they need to meet you at least some of the way. There is a skills shortage in the field of tax, so if you’re good, employers will work hard to get you and to keep you. 

Developing your craft in a tax specialist firm can give you the variety and intensity of experience that will form the foundations for a rewarding tax career in practice or industry. 

If you are a qualified ACA or ACCA accountant with or without a tax qualification and would like to join one of Ireland’s leading tax consultancy firms contact David Tuohy on 021 2300300 or via email to discuss in confidence.

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