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5 quick tips to get over job rejection

5 quick tips to get over job rejection

Submitted by global_admin on Thu, 06/25/2015 - 09:57
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Technology and social media have changed the way we apply for jobs. Where historically we applied for jobs we heard about through the grapevine or print media the landscape has changed drastically allowing job seekers to apply for numerous roles with one click.

It’s great as it means job seekers have more opportunity for success and can reach employers they may never have considered. Unfortunately with the good comes the bad and as such there is also more chance of rejection. 

Here are five tips to help you overcome job rejection and move on to your dream role:

1. Remember it is not personal

Whether you get a rejection by email, in person, phone or no response to your application at all remember you do not know all the factors that the hiring manager used to come to their conclusion and it is not a reflection on your self-worth. Just because you may not be right for that company doesn’t mean you don’t have stellar skills that other employers will snap you up for.

2. Acknowledge the loss

You have spent time preparing, possibly attending multiple interviews, you day dream scenarios of you thriving in the role and then you find that you didn’t get the job. It’s only natural to feel some loss and even feel offence.  Remember you are not alone; Many more people are turned down for jobs than are successful. In most cases a hiring manager will consider five or more applicants for interview and only one can get the job.

3. Ask for feedback

This is an area where working with a professional recruitment consultant is of great benefit. Our role is not to drop you when you don’t get the job but to give you advice and guidance on how to secure the next role. It is important that you take constructive feedback on board, address it and use the feedback to improve for the future “perfect opportunity”.

4. Move on

Now is the time to treat yourself, pick yourself up and get looking for the next opportunity. Remember misery loves company and if you focus on the negative it can affect other areas of your life and a down trodden attitude is very evident to an interviewer. If you don’t show confidence in yourself why would any employer have confidence in you?

5. PMA – Positive, mental attitude

Keep smiling and applying.

You will have more opportunities and more interviews and even more rejection before you land that perfect role. Attitude is key to any successes in life – Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy a whopping 4 times and now runs a number of highly successful companies including snapping up Doonbeg Golf course for a reportedly cheap €8.7M and just this week he has decided to go for the ultimate job and announced his intention to seek nomination to run for the US Presidency.

For more information and guidance in finding the next career move check out our new Career Ally Hub.  Morgan McKinley doesn’t just offer great jobs. We also offer the best career advice. Because finding the right career path is a challenging job in itself. We want to make it easier, less time-demanding and above all, more rewarding. 

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