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Webinar: Organisation Design - Reshaping Your Workforce To Thrive And Grow

Webinar: Organisation Design - Reshaping Your Workforce To Thrive And Grow

Submitted by global_admin on Fri, 10/30/2020 - 06:03
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Leaders are grappling with a global economic crisis, a health pandemic, an accelerated need to digitise and new ways of working just to further complicate things!

This burning platform has seen many organisations evolve their strategy to adapt to these circumstances but what we are seeing as critical to success is how we organise our business and people behind this strategy.

There is an increased need for speed and agility, more requirements for accountability and collaboration across teams.

Join us for a panel discussion with a team of experts in Organisation Design & People Transformation to learn how to tackle these business challenges.

Key takeaways:

  • Considerations for reshaping your workforce for the future
  • How to align your organisational capabilities behind your business strategy
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Learn from the latest case studies in Organisational design
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About the Panelists:


Emma Spiers
Former Partner, EY

A business transformation leader with a passion for transforming the way businesses operate and a focus on target operating model design. Emma spent 23 years in consulting and was previously a Partner in EY's Financial Services Advisory practice. Her approach to target state design is to deliver an integrated design across governance, organisational design, process and the enabling capabilities (people, data and technology). She believes HR can have a key role in defining 'future of work', but only if they build an understanding of the capabilities needed and activities performed by the workforce.


Daren Hill
Organisational Development, Allianz

Daren is an HR and Transformation leader based in Sydney where he currently leads Organisation Development for Allianz. Daren’s background includes 20 years in major transformation programs with companies like Procter & Gamble, RioTinto, Westpac and Blackmores. Daren brings a blunt and broad perspective to the HRT conversation having experienced world-class innovations and well-intended efforts that went off the rails.


Heidi Beck
Former Chief People Officer, Pacific National

Heidi is a passionate, internationally experienced executive who drives results and execution, with a unique blend of People and Strategy roles in her background. Her experience crosses public and private companies and multiple industries, with a self-professed love for industrial organisations that are the heart of the Australian landscape. Heidi is passionate about creating high performing, diverse, and inclusive teams, and brings an action-oriented approach to building deep collaboration across functional and commercial boundaries. With over 10 years of strategy consulting at McKinsey & Company, Heidi’s unique perspective affords her the ability to bridge the conversation from the Boardroom to the shop floor. While actively looking for her next full-time executive opportunity, Heidi is actively assisting small enterprises to develop their post-2020 strategic recovery, assist with building inclusive and diverse teams, and has joined the board of a small early-stage company focused on making a difference in the transformation.