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Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 09/29/2014 - 04:43
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Adam Jeffes, our recruitment Manager in Banking & Financial Services has recently been interviewed by eFinancialCareers to discuss the main reasons why candidates are screened out of the recruitment process in some cases although they have a perfect resume with the right skills.

It is important to note that recruiters always recommend their best candidates to their clients, not only in terms of experience and skills that are required for a specific job but also in terms of communication skills, personality and presentation as a whole.

Therefore, it is often at the first meeting with the recruiter that the overall suitability of a candidate can be assessed.

According to Adam Jeffes, candidates shouldn’t cover up their mistakes but rather explain the reasons behind them in a rational way in order to build trust with the recruiter. Always hiding something can be easily felt by the recruiter and will lead to a lack of credibility from the candidate.

Similarly, candidates shouldn’t hide the real reason for leaving a previous job, as this can have further implications in the recruitment process, particularly at the reference stage, which will put the candidate's application at risk.

The other reasons for being screened out include:

  • Showing a lack of respect to the recruiter during the first interview
  • No research done on the potential employer
  • Using Smartphone while interviewing
  • Giving short answers with no in-depth details or examples
  • Getting aggressive
  • Giving irrelevant responses to the recruiter’s questions
  • Badmouthing on the previous or current employer

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