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How Can Retained Recruitment Help You Find The Best Candidate?

retained recruitment

Submitted by Sowjisha on Tue, 05/05/2020 - 16:13
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Recent global events have caused many businesses to take stock and review which roles are truly business critical. In short, the roles that either protect the business or provide the tools, actions, ideas and insights that will help it grow and capitalise on opportunities. Given the areas we specialise in, we are well positioned to provide support when you are hiring for certain business critical roles. 

Whilst we are committed to helping organisations with top-priority hiring, we are also dedicated to our candidates.

Even at the best of times, we go the extra mile to locate and get to know great professionals who can make a difference to your organisation. That relationship is more important now than ever before with many of the top quality candidates hesitant to move, and will be crucial when opportunities arise in the next few months.

Which is why retained recruitment has become a preferred service in the current landscape. 

Retainers represent a commitment from a business for the need to hire. A senior professional, who works in a niche market and possesses a highly sought-after skill set, recently reached out to us to share some thoughts on current recruitment processes. That candidate said:

It's natural that most are wary of leaving their jobs during these tough times - wary of a move to a new role where they have no track record of success, to a company whose internal situation they are unaware of and whose commitment to their employees is also unknown. Knowing that a recruiter has been paid a retainer, especially during this time, displays that the company is absolutely serious about making the hire. With just that, job seekers would be more confident and open to considering the move.

A retainer displays your commitment to top candidates. As a hiring organisation, you stand a much better chance of securing the best candidates if you can show your commitment and that you are financially invested in the process from the start. This commitment will capture their attention.

Retained recruitment also acts as a sign of trust to the recruiters working on your role. There is a sense of unity and professionalism when only engaging with one agency as this eliminates any possibility of misinterpretations about the nature of the hire. This is particularly important in niche areas where great candidates are few and far between. If multiple recruitment agencies approach the same person, they may receive mixed messages and be put off. 

Protip: A retainer doesn't have to be 1/3 on acceptance, 1/3 on shortlist and a 1/3 on placement. There are other options that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, e.g. a small percentage upfront and the remainder on placement. 

It also allows recruiters to solely focus on your project as a top priority. Extensive market research to find you the best candidate suited to the role and your work culture can take anywhere from 3  to 5 weeks, depending on the niche of the role. Working on a retained basis allows us to have a dedicated team sourcing for your ideal candidate. 

If you have any enquiries on how to get a tailored solution to your hiring needs, please contact us here

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