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2018 Compliance Salary Guide


Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 01/22/2018 - 04:07
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Expected compliance salaries for professionals in Hong Kong in 2018 ranging from analyst to managing director.

Compliance Salaries

(HKD per month)

Role Analyst Associate / AVP VP / SVP Executive Director Managing Director
Head of Compliance * * * 125k - 183k 183k+
Regulatory Compliance 25k - 40k 40k - 75k 75k - 125k 130k - 165k 165k+
AML 25k - 42k 42k - 75k 75k - 135k 140k - 180k 180k+
Product Specific Advisory 25k - 42k 42k - 80k 75k - 140k 140k - 180k 180k+
General Compliance 15k - 35k 40k - 70k 70k - 100k 110k - 140k 140k+
IBD / Research 20k - 35k 40k - 75k 75k - 110k 120k - 160k 160k+
Control Room 15k - 35k 40k - 70k 70k - 110k 110k - 160k 160k+
Monitoring / Surveillance 15k - 35k 35k - 70k 70k - 105k 105k - 120k 120k+
Private Banking Compliance 15k - 35k 35k - 75k 75k - 120k 120k - 170k 170k+
Buy - Side Compliance 15k - 35k 35k - 75k 75k - 120k 120k - 150k 150k+
Tax Compliance 25k - 35k 40k - 70k 70k - 110k 110k - 125k 125k+
Banking Lawyer 50k - 80k 80k - 110k 110k - 140k 140k - 185k 185k+

* Roles do not typically exist at these levels

Commentary on Compliance Roles and Remuneration in Hong Kong for 2018

Hiring in compliance and AML (anti-money laundering) and FCC has been very busy during the last four to five years, stimulated by the 2012 regulatory changes. But this year there has been a slight downturn in activity as the trend for outsourcing functions to India, the Philippines and Malaysia continues.

We are seeing the restructuring of many compliance departments, especially in AML where we have seen some responsibilities being consolidated (such as within anti-bribery & sanctions, transaction monitoring, name screening and investigations) and some of the more “operational” compliance roles being outsourced to Manila, Kuala Lumpur or India. 

The effect of this downsizing is that there are more candidates and fewer roles. High quality, experienced advisory compliance managers who can partner with the business are still in demand, but where previously compliance managers enjoyed 25-35% salary increments for lateral moves, the average for 2017 was 20%. We expect bonuses for 2017 to be similar to 2016, ranging from 1.5-2 months for VP, Director level and above and 1-2 months for analyst to associate level.

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