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Why is it so hard to secure a Software Developer?

Why is it so hard to secure a Software Developer?

Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 01/14/2019 - 16:06
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In Toronto it can be a real struggle to hire, and retain the best software talent. 

Tech companies are really trying to be more innovative with what they offer by way of comp and bens. They are also making big efforts to create unique and engaging cultures where people are allowed to express themselves more, and work in a creative & less structured environment. It really is a great time to be software developer with such an in-demand skill set. In the current climate, these individuals have no shortage of career opportunities to choose from.

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But why then if companies are going to all this effort is everyone facing the same challenge with hiring? 

We spoke with 25 highly skilled software engineering folks who recently changed job and asked them why they decided to go with their new current employer.

What was the one thing that stood out??

The key finding was that many of them went with companies whose interview process was smooth and quick. They found this to be far more engaging, and in some ways a reflection on how the company does business around making decisions - efficiency. The common theme was that some companies’ processes are so long and unnecessarily drawn out that after meeting with over 10 people and having over 3 separate interviews the interest of each candidate had faded. 

My take on this: If your culture and product is already on point. Get your interview process down to 2 interviews (max) and try to execute the interview process within a 2 week time frame. It is crucial to keep software developer candidates interested and keen as they are garnering interest from every direction with employers battling for this group specialists. Take my advice and execute your entire interview process in a more efficient and minimalistic manner. If you follow this path you will end up landing far more of your desired talent for your business.

If you leave them hanging around..............well they won't hang around for you!

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