Building Candidate Communities

Competition for the most highly skilled professionals is fierce. Our integrated, strategic approach uses technology expertise and sheer determination to find candidates wherever they live, work and play.    


How we build our Candidate Communities

If you decide to do something, you need to do it right. That's why we go further in our quest for information, researching the markets, the
candidates, the clients. We market-map like no-one else. The way we network and use technology means we can reach candidates on a local, national and global level.

Our network spans nine countries across the UK, Ireland, EMEA and APAC. We use many tools to help build our strong network of candidate communities. These include a single global database, specialist research and market mapping, specialist go-to-market plans, referrals, high performance websites, social media, online advertising, networking events, remote interviewing techniques and partnerships with professional bodies.

Career Ally

Recent research told us that candidates all over the world have an important need that is not being met – they are seeking a trusted Career Ally.  So we embarked on a service programme on an unprecedented scale. Actions speak louder than words. We have to prove that we are the candidate’s Career Ally with positive actions: We respond quickly to questions, correct any issues, and showcase your company at every possible opportunity. This is what helps build the pipeline of quality candidates.  This positive engagement is key to generating quality candidates for you.

Delivering a positive service experience is critical; not least because it creates word of mouth referrals. Not only do candidates return to us again and again over the course of their career, but they also recommend us to other people.

A job changes your life, and your life changes a job.

We spend a huge part of our adult lives working. Our careers affect where we live, how we socialise, our partners, kids, hobbies, dreams and ambitions. Every new job changes the course of our lives. So we take great care in placing our candidates.

Likewise, all of those aspects of our personal experience affect our work. It’s a whole person who fills a position, not just a set of skills, and when they’re the right fit, they can transform the lives around them and the fate of a company.

Exceptional Candidate Experience

Once a candidate registers with us, we deliver a full service programme,  which includes frequent communication that is both relevant and useful.  This is no idle boast – we measure our standards of service delivery by conducting weekly surveys to ensure that we not only meet these standards, but set them even higher in future.                             
Ultimately, the way we measure our service is based on your answers to the most important question: How likely are you to recommend Morgan McKinley to your friends and colleagues? And we measure the answers scientifically, using the Net Promoter Score methodology. Our Net Promoter Score tells us how well we are pursuing our mission to be an effective Career Ally.



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