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Key IT Skills in Demand for the Technology Industry in 2019

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Submitted by global_admin on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 09:48
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The technology industry is a constantly evolving industry. It is becoming more important than ever for candidates to polish their skillset in order to compete in a competitive market. Here we explore some key skills that will be in demand in 2019.

The new age of technology demands workers who have fought a few battles and come with some battle scars (aka, people who can navigate through complex situations and bring varied expertise to the table). The technology landscape in 2019, across various industries, will look similar to last year with a major focus on Cyber Security, AI/Machine learning, Development, DevOps and Cloud Engineering. Talking to companies and professionals day in day out, we know what both sides consider the to be the IT skills in demand in 2019. 

Sarah Stoddard, community expert at job search site Glassdoor predicts that "Emerging technologies will be key catalysts for the in-demand jobs we expect to see in 2019."

"As employers across diverse industries, from health care to finance to automotive and more, continue to implement various technologies to streamline workflows and boost business, the demand for top-notch workers who have a balance of technical and soft skills will continue to rise,” she continues. More and more companies are beginning to resemble a technology companies' model and the trend is looking to continue this year as well.

So what are the IT skills in demand this year?

If you are looking to change careers or increase your marketability, these are some of the skills you need to focus on this year:

1. Cybersecurity and IoT

cyber security and iot

Cybersecurity or information technology security is the techniques of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed for exploitation. Security is a growing concern for consumers and clients alike in our connected world and Internet of Things (IoT) security will become a particular area of focus in 2019. Organisations will seek professionals who can help them keep on top of trends and compliance. Equip yourself with the knowledge of various industry codes and practices along with functional knowledge of triaging, threat hunting and analysis, incident management/escalation and you have secured yourself a rewarding career.

2. AI/machine learning 

Artificial intelligence is the concept of machines being able to carry out complex tasks in an efficient and smart manner, whereas machine learning focuses on a computer making decisions or execute a task using available data. 
The demand for RPA developers specialising in Blue Prism is growing rapidly in Australia as it is a tool being adopted by some of the industry leaders like Telstra, NBN, Westpac, CBA and the likes. Blue Prism does not require coding and it has massively helped industries by enhancing business processes, improving customer service and allocating resources to drive innovation. It is a fairly niche skill set and there is a shortage of qualified professionals in the market.

Other tools in demand include Pega robotics and UI Path. It is also recommended that you choose to back your experience with relevant certifications.

You've got the skills?

We've got the jobs!

 3. Full stack development

Full stack developers are among the most in-demand by employers right now in terms of open job postings, according to data from job search site Indeed. Most companies are moving away from the specific front-end and back-end models and bringing in all rounders who can work on levels of application stacks. Multiples years of experience working across various areas of software development coupled with strong programming skills make a sought after full stack developer. 

You need to be an expert in:

  • Front end technology: like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (JQuery, Angular and React Js)
  • Development languages: Java, Python, .Net, Ruby etc
  • Database: MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer are widely used
  • Basic Design ability: along with basic prototype design and UI/UX design will make you stand out
  • Working with API: REST and SOAP
  • Version control system (VCS): allows the developers to keep track of all the changes made in the codebase without breaking things 

4. Development (web, mobile, software)

Developers play a key role in design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems. Businesses that want to stay relevant will need developers who can build mobile apps for them and help them streamline their business processes including inventories and sales using a backend system. 

Languages like Python, Java and Javascript (Angular/React) are in high demand due to their versatility and ease of use. You can be an expert in one or the other however, if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to have deep knowledge of mobile and web applications as well. 

Augmented reality is an interesting direction that mobile apps are headed in where users can engage with the real world, blending technology and reality. And if you can build apps for others you can build and sell your own as well - do I need to say anymore...

5. Cloud engineer

Cloud Engineers are responsible for developing solutions that make use of bother in house technology and outside systems in order to design, plan, manage, maintain and support. As more and more companies are moving from on-premise to the cloud the demand for experienced and qualified system cloud engineers has increased substantially. Job postings that include the terms cloud computing or cloud engineer have gone up 27% since 2015, according to Indeed. 

What do you need:

  • AWS, Azure, Openstack: expertise and certification in at least one of these 
  • Web services, API, REST, RPC: the underlying foundation of cloud architecture
  • Virtualisation, Storage and Networking: skills required for designing and operating applications
  • Disaster recovery, High availability, Failover and Redundancy: these methodologies are central to operating software in the cloud.

In addition, you need to have strong technical skills and the ability to think through business cases and a curiosity to learn new technology and tools.

6. DevOps 

The last but not least on our list of "it skills in demand in 2019" are DevOps Engineers. DevOps Engineers work with developers and the IT staff to oversee the code releases. They are either developers who get interested in deployment and network operations or sysadmins who have a passion for scripting and coding and move into the development side where they can improve the planning of test and deployment. Some of the most popular DevOps tools include Gradle, Git, Jenkins, Bamboo, Docker and Ansible. Expertise in two or more of these tools, especially Git, will enhance your career prospects exponentially.
While there are several skills to master and niches to pick from, these skills will stay relevant and high in demand over the coming years or decades even. 

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