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Written by Shaun Stevens
Dec 18, 2019
Submitted by Shaun Stevens on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 01:33

We've specialised in hiring only the best strategy managers, strategy consultants and strategy analysts in the Australian market. We've handpicked some of our top strategy professionals for you. Look through the profiles and message us to find out more about a candidate. If you can't find the right profile here, contact us as we have many more strategy professionals that we would love you to meet. 


Consultant | Manager | Senior Strategy Manager | Strategy Associate


A brilliant female strategist, coming from a top tier firm and focusing on technology.

  • Salary Expectation: $150,000 + super

  • Location: Sydney

  • Interpersonal skills: Intelligent and considered individual who is a genuinely caring and compassionate person.

  • Education: Achieved an almost perfect GPA her Bachelors of Commerce and represented her University in an International Case Study competition.

  • Experience: After three years within an investment bank, she became a leader within the firm and then moved on to a top tier strategy firm where she resumed her leadership experience. She known for growing technology businesses.

What can this person bring to your team? She is a problem solver for technology businesses who are looking for growth. Great experience in international expansions, new product creation/launches and corporate strategy support.

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An expert in growth strategy, currently in a top tier firm with prior experience in industry where they were executing multi-million dollar projects.

  • Salary Expectation: $170,000 + super + bonus

  • Location: Melbourne

  • Interpersonal skills: This candidate comes across as a positive individual who loves solving complex problems and constantly being a student of their environment.

  • Education: High honours in their MBA

  • Experience: Was fast-tracked to a Manager position and led corporate strategy initiatives across the TMT market. In a previous assignment, they delivered projects focused on process improvement and new revenue creation.

What can this person bring to your team? A level of experience and intellect to develop and lead key strategic initiatives and deliver to any CxO or senior leadership team. They will also create a positive culture that promotes hard-working individuals.

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Senior Strategy Manager

Strong strategy and customer experience specialist passionate about creating value through customer-centric, data-backed problem solving and developing high performing and inclusive teams.

  • Salary Expectation: $175,000 base + super

  • Location: Sydney

  • Interpersonal skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills developed through years of presenting to clients, to stakeholders in the business, and formal training programmes.

  • Education: Bachelor of Advanced Science and Commerce.

  • Experience: Has extensive strategy and CX experience across consumer and financial services with demonstrated ability to deliver complex projects in ambiguous environments.

What can this person bring to your team? Expertise in designing and delivering a wide range of strategy development, strategy insight, and operational consulting as well as managing teams from 1-25 people. They are on track to be a future leader.

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Strategy Associate

Strategy consultant with extensive financial services experience looking to transition from consulting to industry.

  • Salary Expectation: $110,000 base + super

  • Location: Sydney

  • Interpersonal skills: Intellectually curious and strategically focused individual demonstrating strong stakeholder management at all levels.

  • Education: Bachelor of Commerce and Science

  • Experience: They have developed a wide breadth of financial services experience in strategy and operations consulting (including target operating model, strategic investment assessments, business transformation, and strategic sourcing) and investment management.

What can this person bring to your team? Financial services industry knowledge alongside strategy and operations experience with an analytical and commercial mindset.

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