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Resume Preparation Tips & Sample CV for Risk & Compliance Professionals

Resume Preparation Tips & Sample CV

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Create a Resume that makes an immediate positive impact.

Potential employers will make a decision within 15-45 seconds of reading your resume on whether or not they will invite you in for an interview, so it’s vital your resume is built to impress.

Your resume is a personal marketing document – it should read well, effectively sell your skills and experience and highlight the value you can deliver to the organisation.  

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Take your time when preparing your resume. The extra time you take to proof read it can make all the difference.
  • Wherever possible, tailor you resume to reflect the position you are applying for.
  • Make it succinct, a maximum of 4-5 pages in total.
  • Use professional, consistent format with headings, bold print and bullet points.
  • Write in clear, concise terms and use action verbs - enhanced, delivered, created, negotiated, etc.
  • Include all relevant Education - Honours, Degrees & Certifications.
  • Put your work history in reverse chronological order - If there are any gaps in your resume give a brief explanation why, e.g. travelling for a year.
  • Highlight specific personal accomplishments / achievements in each role. Quantify with facts and figures, did you improve processes, produce cost savings, reduce the number of breaches, detect and prevent fraud, decrease risk ratings?
  • Outline any projects you worked on or were responsible for and the ROI they delivered.
  • Be prepared to back everything up when being interviewed.

The Format

It’s important your resume is well set out and follows a consistent format so employers find it easy to read. The structure outlined below is a tried and tested formula which will cover the key areas a potential employer will be interested in.

Personal information: List your name, address, phone number, and email address at the top of the first page

Personal Profile / Objective: This is optional but can be valuable if you are not including a cover letter with your resume. It should be no more than 3-5 lines summarising your years of experience, accomplishments, qualifications, qualities and value you can bring to an organisation. It may also outline the type of role you are looking for and the type of company you wish to join and why.

Education/Qualifications: Keep this short and concise. Simply list your qualifications in chronological order, the university / colleges you attended and the period of time covered.

Experience: This section should contain information about your current role followed by recent employment and the years you were in each role. We recommend you include the following;

  • Employer name with a brief description of the company.
  • Job title and the time you held that position.
  • Key responsibilities in bullet point format. Think about your responsibilities for each relevant role and focus on the more challenging parts of the role.
  • Achievements whilst in the role - quantify with facts & figures.

Key Skills:  Use this space to highlight your systems experience, knowledge of relevant legislation and your key capabilities.  

Hobbies/Interests: This is optional but can be useful by providing discussion points with your interviewers. It also gives your potential employer some insight to your personality, motivations and interests.  If you do choose to include this section, make sure you share interests that require a degree of skill, dedication or time. Keeping fit and socialising are not saying anything about you that doesn’t apply to a lot of others. If you do like to cook mention what cuisine you specialise in. If you travel mention some places you have visited.

References: Make sure these contacts have only good things to say about you.

You can view the sample CV below

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