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Q3 2019 Technology Recruitment Trends

Technology Recruitment Trends

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 10/09/2019 - 04:44
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Your quarterly update on the Technology market, where we provide you with insights from both the previous and upcoming quarters.

What were the market trends for last quarter?

Dom: While there was an initial lul within the market during Q2 and Q3 especially within the financial services sector due to the Royal Commission, which had an ongoing impact on commerce and industry.  

We have also seen an apparent increase in Mergers & De-Mergers with TAL & Suncorp and Woolworths & Endeavor Drinks Group. From this experience with separation, integration and reconciliation of systems and data has become highly desirable especially within the contract market.

Because of this there is an industry trend on creating Single Page Applications due to their component based portability, leading to React and Angular increasing in demand. 

In addition, there is growing use of cloud services so exposure to AWS & Azure is more desirable but now requires a deeper understanding that just shift & life functions as there’s a movement to fully utilise it’s capabilities through automation and serverless computations.

It is already widespread within Commerce & Industry but as there’s more regulatory freedoms, there’s an increase of its uptake within the Financial Services space as well. Building of this includes movement towards the DevOps model with continuous improvement/continuous delivery so exposure to tools like Jenkins, Bamboo & Ansible as well as containerisation through Docker is in demand.

Technology Recruitment Trends

What are the major skills in demand?

Annalise: Currently we have noticed an increase in demand for the following languages:  


Salary expectations: contract: snr upwards 850/day, perm: snr - 150 base+
Why? Originally designed by Facebook for creating rich and engaging web apps fast and efficiently with minimal coding, React.js is the language with the fastest adoption rate across the market.  ReactJS comes out as a stronger framework because of the ability to break down the complex UI and allowing users to work on individual components.

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Salary expectations: contract: snr upwards 850/day, perm: snr - 150 base+ 
Why? Node.js is a JS runtime environment which allows the infrastructure to build and run an application. It’s a light, scalable, and cross-platform way to execute code. Node is especially being adopted in real-time environments such as gaming where there is a need for lighting fast code. 

Mobile Developers - iOS and Android

Salary expectations: contract: snr upwards 750/day, perm: snr- 140 base+
Why? The increase within our modern lifestyles of using on average 3-5 different digital devices a day is leading to the rise and rise of mobile developers. This will only look to increase as wearable technologies increase and diversify. 

Soft Skills:

Communication and stakeholder engagement skills are still in high demand as developers more than ever are required to interact with the wider business.

What are the skill gap shortages?

Annalise: The major skill gap shortages we are currently seeing in the market is for React and Node developers, especially within the contract market. This is due to both languages being relatively new in the market with a fast adoption rate.

There’s a growing expectation for software engineers to be across testing their products. With an increased focus being placed on Test-Driven-Development, hiring managers are checking for this when reviewing code assessment and are expecting all engineers to have adequate coverage. 

At the senior end of the market, there is still emphasis from clients for developers who can engage with the wider business and have the capability to explain technical concepts to non-technical people.

Technology Recruitment Trends

What is the outlook for the next quarter?

Dom: Outlook for quarter 4 is good, with the new financial year starting for some major financial services organisations, there will be an increase in recruitment efforts as budgets become more visible 

There’s a growing trend to standardise development processes and setting up the enterprise wide frameworks for development. We should see an increase in demand for senior software engineers and solution designers to help kick start development for upcoming projects.

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