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Submitted by Louise Langridge on Tue, 12/10/2019 - 06:25
Event date
Morgan McKinley Offices
Thursday, February 20, 2020 , 08:30 - 10:00

Competing in the global arena, building successful, scalable and sustainable businesses entails dealing with a number of interconnected, complex, disruptive, highly volatile forces.

Organisations that do well in this environment exhibit the following characteristics:

In this session, participants are introduced to the latest research conducted with CEOs globally, and the SHIFT levers are discussed and applied to real world cases:

1. Speed: Read and act on signals by rapidly iterating their strategies in a continuous process of

2. Human Centric: Experiment rapidly with products, services, business models, processes and strategies that put consumers and customers at the center of what they do.

3. Imagination: build novel businesses and solutions based on insight and creativity. Hold two opposing ideas in mind and creatively resolve the tension between those two ideas by generating a new one that contains elements of the others but is superior to both.

4. Flexibility: Manage complex and interconnected systems of multiple stakeholders.

5. Trust: Motivate employees and partners in the broader ecosystem by demonstrating empathy and impeccable ethics.

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Static, long term equilibrium no longer exists, competitors come and go, markets emerge, close, shrink, split, collide and grow, and today’s partners are  tomorrow’s competitors. The market place in most industries is constantly reshaped by rapid change, new players, and breakthrough technologies.

Companies need to constantly adapt and evolve, demonstrate resilience and agility and locate faster than their competitors the next source of competitive advantage.

Ultimately it means engaging in continual reinvention, managing and leading change, adapting strategies, redesigning organisational boundaries, working collaboratively with new players.

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