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Embedding a Change Culture: Review

Embedding a Change Culture

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 04:51
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Morgan McKinley Offices
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 , 17:30 - 19:00

Embedding a Change Culture - exploring tactics to move from vision statements into demonstrated agility.
Facilitated by Natalie de Carvalho, First Super State
Hosted by Morgan McKinley and the Change Management Institute

Morgan McKinley and Change Management Institute

If changing an organisation's culture is perceived as no small feat where would a company start if it wanted to create a culture to embrace consistent change? Especially if the business is already burdened (and burnt) with technology, compliance and regulatory change. We invited an expert in to Morgan McKinley to give us some insight on how she’s gone about transforming even the most change adverse cultures. Natalie De Carvalho, Change Practice Manager, who has successfully embedded Change cultures across industries (and countries!) presented to an exclusive audience of Morgan McKinley’s Change Network and the Change Management Institute members on 19th March.

The evening was a sell-out, the offices of Morgan McKinley bustling with Change professionals. Natalie captured the audience with a fantastic slide pack which defined Culture change. Challenging the ‘fuzzy’ perceptions of ‘Culture change’ and breaking it down to make it attainable.  Natalie gave the audience a tried and tested set of principles to motivate change. ‘Define your North Star’ was a key concept- the notion of setting a clear end goal, making it achievable and referring back to it consistently so that the end vision is kept in mind.

Natalie shed light on the importance of building a strong foundation of Change Champions to extend your network and drive consistent messaging to audiences that have been allowed ‘room for change’. This was a notion that some of the attendees were fascinated by in the current market where impacted audiences are often change fatigued. Natalie talked about assessing your team and deprioritising the unnecessary burdens to make room for those that are unavoidable.

The audience left with heaps of inspiration and easily digestible action points to help them embed a culture for change.

Their words, not ours!:

"Many thanks to Eloise and Jonty and team for making these events so welcoming. I love the energy and big smiles :)" 

"Practical and insightful presentation and opportunity to share experiences with like-minded professionals." 

"Great presentation Natalie and lovely to meet you. I think your message was very well delivered and powerful."

Those who attended were given a pack to take away and utilise. This event was the first of many for the Change space at Morgan McKinley this year. Do you have a burning topic you’d love covered on Change? Or are you a change professional that has something tried and tested that you’d love to share?

Please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Eloise Seidelin

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