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Break out of the Busy! Event Review

Making 2019 Best Year Yet

Submitted by Louise Langridge on Thu, 04/18/2019 - 11:30
Event date
Morgan McKinley Offices
Thursday, May 2, 2019 , 08:30 - 10:00

As part of our 2019 Espresso Workshop Series, we recently hosted a workshop for our clients in conjunction with Daniel Murray from Empathic Consulting.

Daniel provided some insights and inspiration on how to "Break out of the Busy" and step up to become the strategic leader that your people and organisation are looking for.

Given our highly complex, fast-moving and volatile business environment, being a ‘Busy Leader’ makes it nearly impossible to be a ‘Strategic Leader’. For too many leaders, "so busy" has become the norm. I find that when I meet clients and candidates, nine times out of ten the response will be “I’m so busy”. I even find myself saying the same thing most of the time!

Many are juggling way too many competing priorities others are busy to impress others (whether colleagues or senior managers), to hustle and stay active, both physically and mentally, in the doing. ‘Busy’ seems to be both a sign of deep stress…...and a strange badge of honour. 

Leadership is broken down into six levels, each one being a step on the leadership ladder. The step at the bottom of the ladder is the ‘Busy Leader’ and at the top of the ladder is the ‘Strategic Leader’. Too many leaders today are sitting at the bottom of the ladder, with little knowledge of how to start climbing. They are so busy being busy that they will say they do not have the time to think about strategy and planning their key priorities…...when in reality the time is actually there we just need to create capacity.

The truth is: leaders that are too busy are in fact stressed, disengaged, and causing more damage to not only themselves but their teams and organisations. Inspiring people, building trust and leading from the front takes commitment, time and a curious mindset. 

We need more Strategic Leaders to take us into the future. We need leaders who see opportunities others miss and thrive in a VUCA world. We need to level up our leadership!

Their words, not ours! Feedback from the workshop from our clients:

“The mark of a great workshop for me is if I can recall it several days later - this has happened spontaneously several times. A very thought-provoking session!”

“Topic was very timely and relevant. Great speaker who was highly engaging. Thank you for hosting and organising.”

“Excellent presentation, very engaging and very relevant. Thank you!”

“Great facilitator, thank you for the opportunity to take a breath and listen to such an expert.”

Our session was only for an hour, and there was much more to learn about the leadership ladder! For those who missed it, but would like to hear more, Daniel is running a two-day Strategic Leadership workshop session later in June. 

Level up Leadership: Breaking out of the Busy (YouTube)


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