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Have you noticed lately, some job adverts are stating “no recruitment agencies please?”

Agency Vs Direct Application

Submitted by global_admin on Thu, 04/24/2014 - 07:53
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Where has this come from? Could it be:

  • An attempt to save all-important recruitment budgets and hire directly by reviewing sometimes an enormously large pile of CVs from “active” job –seekers and picking the best of the bunch?
  • A warning to recruitment agencies that the employer isn’t willing or able to pay a fee for an evaluation of the broader markets top talent within a specialist sector and a short list of those leading their discipline?
  • Perhaps there is already an internal candidate lined up for this role, however advertising all vacancies externally is a company policy and the employer must follow process?

But where does that leave you, the applicant wanting the job?

When submitting a job application directly, you are faced with multiple challenges and uncertainties: 

  • Job title – how is the organisation and team structured? Perhaps it’s quite different from your current employer. Where does this title fit in and is this a progression for you? What would be the next role after this one realistically?
  • Salary / Bonus – employers do not advertise salaries when recruiting directly. Are you completely mis-matching your experience based on the role requirements in the brief description? Do you know the current market rate and what you are worth? Sure – we understand a bonus is a bonus – but what should you expect? What did the team receive over the last two years?
  • Culture – Flexibility / Management styles / Working environments – how do you know what you are really walking into? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know a bit of background about the team, the Manager, the nitty gritty that you don’t get from the job description or in the HR screening? 

On the other side of the coin, some of the advantages of applying directly for a role include:

  • One point of contact – cut out the middle man and deal with the employer directly.
  • Sometimes roles are filled before agencies are used.
  • Less specialised, higher volume roles are often recruited via seek and company websites
  • Your details are stored on internal company databases – creating potential opportunity in the future. 

As a career ally to our candidates, we appreciate that we aren’t able to assist in every role, for everyone. However we have built long-term, meaningful relationships with our clients and can help to position you in the best possible way to them, and for the opportunities that are right for you – based on your needs and strengths. You might not be looking for a new role, but if I were to tell you about your dream job, I bet you would be happy to hear from me, right? 

When Morgan McKinley represents you, you know where you stand, what the competition is like, and you can guarantee we will be able to help answer the questions above. You won’t be left having awkward negotiation sessions, feeling at a loss or as though you have perhaps missed the mark with a certain role or business for future opportunity. 

Please contact our consultants across Risk & Compliance for a confidential chat about your career and potential new employers. If we are unable to represent you on a particular occasion we will be honest and say so. However, we can still offer advice and support in the form of interview preparation, negotiation tips and continue to keep you up to date with market updates and industry trends. 

We will build a long-term relationship, and I am confident our paths will cross again and we will value one another greatly – whether we help with your next role, or the one after – or if you have found our insight helpful and would like us to help source for your team. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts below or if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. 

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