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2019 Project and Change Management Salary Guide

2019 Project and Change Management Salary Guide

Submitted by global_admin on Mon, 01/21/2019 - 08:48
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Our 2019 Project and Change Management Salary Guide offers key recruitment insights within the Project and Change Management sectors, covering permanent salaries and contract rates across the Australian market.

Project & Change Management Salaries | Project & Change Management Contract Rates
Commentary on Project and Change Management Roles, Remuneration and Insights in Australia for 2019

All figures shown are in Australian Dollar ($). All amounts are base salary excluding super.

Project & Change Management

Project & Change Management Salaries (Per Annum)
Role Low High Average
Business Process Engineer 130,000 160,000 150,000
Change Analyst 70,000 130,000 110,000
Change Manager 120,000 180,000 150,000
Senior Change Manager 150,000 200,000 180,000
Head of Change 190,000 250,000 200,000
Communication Manager 120,000 180,000 150,000
Training Manager 120,000 180,000 140,000
Learning and Development Consultant 120,000 200,000 140,000
Program Manager 170,000 210,000 190,000
Program Director 200,000 270,000 250,000
Project Manager (Projects $2m - $5m) 130,000 160,000 150,000
Senior Project Manager (Projects $5m - $10m) 150,000 180,000 170,000
PMO Analyst 80,000 110,000 100,000
PMO Manager 130,000 170,000 160,000
Agile Coach 160,000 190,000 180,000
Scrum Master 130,000 160,000 145,000
Senior Process Improvement Manager (Senior / Master Black Belt) 170,000 200,000 180,000
Process Improvement Manager (Black Belt) 130,000 160,000 150,000
Project & Change Management Contract Rates (Per Day)
Role Low High Average
Change Analyst 450 850 700
Change Manager 750 1,000 850
Senior Change Manager 850 1,200 1,000
Head of Change 1,000 1,600 1,300
Communication Manager 750 1,000 850
Training Manager 750 1,000 850
Learning and Development Consultant 750 1,100 800
Program Manager 1,100 1,500 1,200
Program Director 1,200 1,800 1,500
Project Manager (Projects $2m - $5m) 800 1,000 900
Senior Project Manager (Projects $5m - $10m) 900 1,200 1,100
PMO Analyst 550 800 650
PMO Manager 900 1,300 1,100
Agile Coach 1,000 1,400 1,200
Scrum Master 800 1,000 900
Senior Process Improvement Manager (Senior / Master Black Belt) 900 1,200 1,000
Process Improvement Manager (Black Belt) 800 1,000 850

Commentary on Project and Change Management Roles, Remuneration and Insights in Australia for 2019

2018 marked a big year in the world of Transformation. Organisations are continuing to transform across most sectors with Financial Services taking the lead.

During the second half of 2018, some of the largest projects we have ever seen started to take place in Sydney as a result of organisations selling or de-merging parts of their businesses. This led to a significant increase in the demand for Project Managers who can get into the detail and help scope out requirements as well as hands on Change Managers.

Within Financial Services the demand for regulatory and wealth management experience is ongoing and this is creating a candidate shortage in these areas. The fall out from the Royal Commission and other regulatory pressures has seen the formation of large Programs of work across the majority of our FS clients. 

All this activity is then impacting the Change Management space as organisations try to ensure the impact of the changes being made are managed and communicated in the most effective way.

Across our Commerce & Industry clients, we have a seen a strong demand for more technical Project Managers, with multiple opportunities across the cyber security and applications world.  There has also been a lot of activity in the Process Improvement space, particularly across Robotics Process Automation. The blend of technology vs process initiatives highlights the need for “hybrid” candidates. 

This hybrid terminology not only looks at your project experience being varied, but also having the ability to be across multiple streams and acting across different roles.

Hybrid Project Managers have both, a varied project experience and the ability to work across multiple streams and across different roles. The high demand for such hybrid candidates also seen an increase in salaries.

Commerce & Industry clients have felt the backlash of the Royal Commission programs ramping up and have been left with a small candidate pool to choose from. The need for contractors will always be there due to the nature of Transformation, however, as there is a continual pipeline of work, organisations are looking to on-board project professionals on a longer-term basis.

Particularly in the FS space there are healthy day rates being offered in the market meaning some employers faced challenges when hiring the right candidate for fixed term of permanent roles even though within C&I permanent or fixed term hires are preferred.

Across Transformation we are seeing the majority of the demand in the Business Analysis and Change Management space. As organisations continue to transform, they need to ensure they deliver these Change in the best way to maximise the return on investment.

The emphasis on change qualifications has continued to dwindle but has been replaced with a growing emphasis on experience. This has made the role of the Change Manager more important than ever and the highest levels of demand that we have seen for a number of years.

In such a competitive market for resources, companies are being forced to increase the rates on offers to candidates in order to attract the right talent to achieve specific business objectives. 

The Project and Change Management space has an even male to female split across business and project delivery roles, with a bias towards more males in the more technical roles. The change management space continues to buck this trend and operates at around an 80:20 ratio of females to males, which has been consistent for a number of years.

We are predicting more of the same across the Project and Change Management division in 2019 with another busy year ahead for our team here, with strong demand for contract hires across all levels. 

The fallout from the Royal Commission will keep demand for resources high, and will increase the need for project resources as companies continue to transition into an ever-changing digital era.

As a client looking to hire Project resources, it is important to make sure the salaries that are being offered are competitive with the market. This is especially the case when hiring contract staff.  Also be sure to look at the duration of the contract on offer.with the market being so buoyant, many contractors are now holding out for longer-term contracts.  

If you are a candidate looking for a role in the Project and Change Management space, you will need to be clear about how you are going to add true value to the Project and organisation you are joining.  As mentioned earlier, organisations are looking for hybrid candidates across all levels, meaning you may be required to wear several different hats in a role, so being flexible and able to work across multiple areas is what will set you aside from others.

project and change management salary guide 2019

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