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2018 Strategy Salary Guide

Strategy Salary Guide

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Our 2018 Strategy Salary Guide offers key recruitment insights and salary ranges for strategy professionals in Sydney.

Strategy Salaries (Per Annum)

Role Annual Salary (ex. Super)
Strategy Analyst / Consultant / Associate $80,000 - $120,000
Senior Strategy Analyst / Senior Associate / Junior Manager $120,000 - $150,000
Strategy Manager / Senior Manager / Executive Manager $150,000 - $210,000
Head of Strategy (one of multiple) / Strategy Director / GM $220,000 - $350,000
Senior Head of Strategy / Executive GM / Chief Strategy Officer $350,000 +

Strategy Roles and Remuneration in Australia for 2018

The strategy market has seen an increased number of boutique consulting firms growing their teams, which is consequently driving more competitive pricing among the top-tier consultancies.

There has been a greater number of roles becoming available at the senior end of the market, although there is also a slow shift in role availability from operational focused to growth-focused strategy skill sets.

We are seeing a strong demand for strategy consultants (both external and internal) along with commercial/M&A strategists at all levels.

New legislation has meant we are seeing fewer international immigrants due to the recent restrictions on visas and sponsorships and consequently we saw a decline in the number of applications from international candidates. Unfortunately, since the increased visa complexities, we have experienced longer hiring processes, but with recent news of the Management Consulting title being put back on the 4 year visa list, we hope to once again be able to attract top talent from offshore.  

There have been a high number of Australians returning to the local market as a result of increased uncertainty caused by some of last year's major political events, including the American election and Brexit. Local candidates are still usually preferred, based on their speed to hire and their lack of complexity, however most clients do still remain open to sponsoring the right international talent.

Australia is still a popular country for international immigration, and junior candidates were less deterred by the uncertainty of potentially never being able to obtain permanent residency.  These candidates often bring unique experience and innovation to their companies.

The market is still uneven with most top-end positions occupied by males. However, most clients are increasingly demanding strong female leaders for their vacant positions, which is great news for senior female candidates. At the junior end of the market, we see a fairly even split between both male and female candidates. 

In the strategy market, approximately 80% of roles we fill are permanent, full-time positions in industry. However, the market has shifted with an increased demand from consulting firms, with approximately 30% of strategy roles now coming from Tier 1 and Tier 2 firms. Some external consulting firms are flexible and happy to consider short-term, contract, or temporary consultants. We have found that internal strategy teams still prefer permanent hires, however these roles tend to have much longer interview processes with a number of stages.

We are expecting salaries in internal strategy teams to continue to increase in 2018, keeping pace with the top tier consulting firms. Strategy professionals are typically very well paid, and salaries are likely to remain very competitive in this field. 

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