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2018 Government Salary Guide

Government Salary Guide

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Our 2018 Government Salary Guide offers key recruitment insights and salary ranges for government professionals in Sydney.

Finance | Specialist | ICT Network and Equipment | ICT Management, Implementation and Support | ICT Applications, Databases and Systems
Commentary on Government Roles and Contract Rates in Sydney, 2018

Government Contract Rates (Per Day)


Role Daily Rate (ex. Super)
Accountant / Management Accountant /Senior Accountant $400 - $650
Auditor / Audit Manager / Auditor (Senior) / IT Auditor $360 - $880
Business Analyst / Financial Analyst $650 - $900
Credit Officer / Manager $320 - $480
Finance Officer / Accounts Clerk / Bookkeeper $280 - $440
Finance Specialist $440 - $520
Financial Controller $600 - $760
Investigator $440 - $520
Payroll Officer / Manager $280 - $600


Role Daily Rate (ex. Super)
Communications / Media / Promotion / Public Relations $280 - $1200
Contract / Procurement / Vendor (Officer or Manager) $440 - $1000
Distribution / Warehouse / Inventory (Officer or Manager) $280 - $500
Field Officer $280 - $350
Graphic Designer $400 - $560
Human Resources / Training & Development / Trainers $280 - $850
Legal Support / Law Clerks / Paralegal $280 - $440
Library / Archives / Record Management $290 - $520
Logistics / Supply Chain (Officer or Manager) $280 - $500
Marketing / Advertising (Officer, Manager or Specialist) $300 - $850
Policy (Officer or Manager) $400 - $720
Program (Officer, Manager or Director) $400 - $2500
Project (Officer, Manager or Analyst) $400 - $1200
Property Valuer / Conveyancer $400 - $650

ICT Network and Equipment

Role Daily Rate (ex. Super)
Computer Network and Systems Engineer $360 - $700
Data Network Engineer $400 - $800
Hardware Technician $450 - $750
Network Administrator $400 - $550
Network Designer / Architect $600 - $1200
Network Security Consultant $600 - $1000
Network Support $400 - $550
Network Technical Consultant $600 - $1000
Network / Operations Manager $750 - $1200
Server Engineer $450 - $750
Support and Test Engineers $400 - $700
Support Technicians $350 - $550

ICT Management, Implementation and Support

Role Daily Rate (ex. Super)
Business Continuity Manager $650 - $900
Business to Business Integration Specialist $650 - $900
Desktop Support $280 - $400
Documentation Specialist $360 - $480
ICT Business Analyst $700 - $900
IT Manager $700 - $1000
Project Coordinator / Project Manager / Program Manager $550 - $1200
Security Consultant / Specialist $750 - $1000
Technical Manager $700 - $950

ICT Applications, Databases and Systems

Role Daily Rate (ex. Super)
.Net Specialist $500 - $850
Analyst Programmer / Applications Developer $400 - $750
C# Specialist $500 - $850
Database Administrator / Designer / Analyst $550 - $800
ERP/CRM Functional / Technical Consultant $600 - $900
SAP Professionals $650 - $1000
Solution Architects / Designers $700 - $1000
Systems Administrator $500 - $750
Systems Architect / Designer $750 - $1200
Technical Writer $400 - $700
Test Manager / Leader / Analyst $650 - $1000
Web Site Designer / Consultant / Developer $600 - $800

Commentary on NSW Government Roles and Remuneration in Sydney for 2018

We anticipate there will be a number of roles in high demand across NSW Government in 2018. These include roles such as business analysts, project/program managers, program coordinators, finance specialists, change managers, and communication specialists. With a large number of projects competing for talent we are seeing salaries rise as well as a lack of immediately available candidates with skills in key areas such as business analysis, program and change management.

These skill shortages can, to some degree, also be linked to recent visa changes across Australia. Due to these increased restrictions candidates are now looking to other markets where they may be able to secure permanent residency, including countries such as the United States, Canada, and Europe. Pay rates being demanded by key talent are being driven up due to the large number of transformation projects, both Government and non-Government which are taking key resources out of the market.

The NSW Government is viewed as a credible employer for those people who enjoy contract opportunities. Candidates are increasingly seeking out opportunities across Government and are staying for longer periods of time, often moving from contract to contract.

On the 23rd of March 2019 the NSW State Government will head to the polls. It’s expected that this will have a large impact on the focus and requirements of Government departments in the later part of 2018 as high-profile departments work to deliver on key election promises prior to the election.

We’re seeing a number of day-to-day issues across NSW Government in regards to recruitment. These include the competition for talent, especially from the commercial sector, and the long turnaround time from identification to interview and feedback. These turnaround times are leading to departments missing out on key talent. Where we see a tightening of pay rates across some departments, we are able to present fewer quality, immediately available candidates as there are competitive salaries on offer in the private sector and on other key Government projects, both State and Federal.

Across 2017 we saw an increase in both the number and complexity of the projects undertaken across all NSW Government departments. This included the TAFE NSW move away from the Education to the Industry cluster and the sale of key government assets to private buyers. Both of these things have directly impacted the workforce and skill set requirement.

We’re also seeing a requirement for candidates to have more than a purely technical skillset. Instead, our clients are looking for a well-rounded candidate who is able to demonstrate a number of soft skills as well as technical capability. 

Across NSW Government, the Managed Service Provider (MSP) model is employed, meaning that there is an agnostic third party between the hiring manager and the recruiter, which ensures an even distribution of roles across the panel of suppliers. It also guarantees that the most effective recruitment process is employed for each hire, saving time and money while improving transparency.  

We’re expecting to see upward pressure on salaries due to the lack of new talent to market and large number of projects active in the market currently,  these are contributing to this upward trend. We’re anticipating that NSW Government will respond accordingly as skills tighten in the market. This is already happening across some projects and departments where they are currently paying above market to secure top talent. 

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