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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know what screening will be required for me to start a job?
  • Please speak to your Recruitment Consultant about this on application to a specific role as requirements may vary according to our client’s needs.
  • Is Compliance screening mandatory for all clients and roles?
  • Yes. In order to introduce you to a client and meet our obligations as either an Employment Business or Employment Agency, we are required to validate at least your eligibility to work in Australia, identity, qualifications for the role, employment history and references. For more information please follow this link:-
  • How long does compliance screening take?
  • The length of screening time is dependent on a few factors. One of these is the number and types of checks required - some of these may be with external bodies with specific time frames for verification response. We have found that the more prepared potential candidates are for the compliance process, the more efficient this is. Our advice is to start collecting your supporting documents, and prepare for what may be required in advance. Average turnaround times for compliance screening levels vary however you can expect it to take up to two or three weeks to complete.
  • I have lived overseas within the past 5 years. Will there be any extra checks needed?
  • There may be additional checks such as international credit and criminal searches to be completed as part of your screening - this will be outlined in the specific level of screening needed at both client and job level. We have access to over 150 different countries who provide these checks to our screening providers. Please be aware that some of these checks can take up to 6 weeks to provide us with reports so this may cause a delay to your start date or require more notice to complete. In some instances, these checks may be undertaken directly with the client and if you have lived in Australia within the past 12 months then you may be able to start your assignment with this pending.
  • What types of supporting documents are considered to be acceptable?
  • Each client will have a policy on what is acceptable to meet their requirements. The most common acceptable documents are passport, drivers licence, utility bills, rental agreement, bank statements, birth/marriage certificates (if covering a gap) and personal references. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.
  • Who can Verify Documents?
  • In Australia, the following people are authorised to certify documents:
    Health professions: chiropractor, dentist, medical practitioner, nurse, optometrist, pharmacist, physiotherapist, psychologist
    Legal professions: legal practitioner, patent attorney, trade marks attorney
    Court positions: bailiff, justice of the peace, judge, magistrate, registrar, or deputy registrar, clerk, master of a court, CEO of a Commonwealth court Commissioner for affidavits, or commissioner for declarations (dependent on jurisdictions)
    Government representatives (elected): Federal, State or Territory or Local
    Public servants: Federal, State or Territory or Local – employed for five years or more.
    Permanent employees of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
    • Bank officer, building society officer, credit union officer, finance company officer – employed for five years or more
    • Veterinary surgeon 
    • Accountant (member of ICA, ASA, NIA or CPA, ATMA, NTAA)
    • Minister of religion, or marriage celebrant

    Member of:

    • Chartered Secretaries Australia
    • Engineers Australia, other than at the grade of student
    • Australian Defence Force (an officer; or a non-commissioned officer with 5+ years of continuous service; a warrant officer)
    • Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

    Notary public
    Holder of a statutory office not specified in another item in this Part
    Police officer
    Sheriff or Sheriff’s officer
    Teacher (full-time) at a school or tertiary education institution

  • Who can act as a personal referee?
  • Your personal referee will need to have known you for at least 5 years, not be related (or in a relationship with you) to you and able to reply to us from a work email address. Ideally this person will be a registered professional however this will be governed by client requirements and you will be advised of this by our screening provider.
  • I have a criminal conviction. Do I need to declare this?
  • If you have a criminal conviction please declare this to your Consultant who will be able to give you further advice. If your conviction is considered to be ‘unspent’ you will need to declare this to us during the registration process. You may be asked to explain this in further detail and we will advise you accordingly if this will impact your suitability for the role. An example of a case for review internally would be for a Motoring offence. For more guidance of whether or not you have a ‘spent’ or ‘unspent’ criminal offence or whether you must declare this, please follow this link:-
  • What is involved in the credit check?
  • All of our clients differ on what they consider to be good or adverse credit and how pertinent it is to the role you will be performing. The level of credit checking completed will also vary by their policies and requirements. For a major bank, for example, adverse credit may be considered to be defaults, whilst for other clients they will be looking to review Bankruptcies. Having adverse credit does not immediately result in a lack of suitability for a role with our agency, however you will need to declare this during your registration process and we can advise you accordingly. If you are unsure of your credit status and would like to complete an initial check yourself, we recommend you follow this link:-
  • What are Directorship Checks?
  • Directorship check are generally required more by our Financial Services clients however we have seen a rise in the number of other clients who would like past and current Directorships verified. We would use your name (and any variations thereof) through a Companies House register check along with other reputable sites as part of our third party supplier services. You may need to declare any past or present Directorships to your consultant if you are applying for certain roles. As part of the screening requirements we are required to undertake, you will be asked for documentation of incorporation and insurances for your current Limited Company should you wish to also use it as your preferred payroll method. Insurance requirements will vary by client specific contractual obligations. If you are unsure if you have sufficient cover or would like more information, please contact your Recruitment Consultant.
  • What Education checks do we complete?
  • In most cases our clients will request that this would be the highest completed education, regardless of the time period in which this was completed. On occasions, we will be required to verify all education if completed within the past five years referencing period. If you completed your training or qualifications overseas, please put the obtained grade on the certificate and not any equivalencies as this can sometimes cause discrepancies during the verification process. We understand that it is not always possible that your educational institute still holds records of your attendance and grades, so please bring your original certificates and transcripts with you to your registration interview
  • Which Professional Qualifications do you verify?
  • Any pertinent qualifications needed for the role will be detailed within the job advert or description, if you are unsure if your qualifications on your cv are pertinent, please discuss this with your Recruitment Consultant. As part of all levels of screening we complete, we will be verifying this directly with the awarding or registered body and your Membership Numbers will be required. These checks are subject to external timeframes so may take longer to obtain confirmation internationally. It is essential that you declare to us any part-studied courses, lapsed memberships and any qualifications for which you did not receive certification in. Please remember to bring a copy of your original certificates and transcripts with you to your registration interview.

If you still have a query that is not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us. Simply email your consultant or telephone +61 280 156 829 during our opening hours of 8:30am - 6pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.30am - 5.00pm on Fridays.


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