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[Video] The Interviewer short film will definitely get you thinking | Morgan McKinley

[Video] The Interviewer short film will definitely get you thinking

Written by Terrence Yip
Jan 04, 2015
Submitted by Terrence Yip on Sun, 01/04/2015 - 02:55

This short film The Interviewer by Australian director Genevieve Clay-Smith has recently gone viral.

There are two protagonists: Mr. Howell, an ambitious and charismatic lawyer, and James Dexter, a partner’s son, who has Down’s syndrome. James impersonates his father and conducts the interview on his behalf. The unusual employer has a troubling effect on the man, as this is the dream job that he's been wanting to work for. Howell is about to leave, having repeatedly asked if there will be a real interview. But then he realizes that the questions asked by James are not only totally relevant, but that the meeting is conducted with unexpected logic and precision.

The film was an instant success. It shows that inclusion and the rights of people with disabilities are topics that can be addressed by challenging, rather than affirming stereotypes.

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