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Written by Ripesh Damania
Apr 03, 2019
Submitted by Ripesh Damania on Wed, 04/03/2019 - 03:14

Find & Connect. We're proud to have connected with these amazing Data & Analytics professionals. We don't want to hide these amazing candidates from you, so get in touch today to request their full profiles!

Data Analyst (1) | Data Analyst (2) | Senior Data Analyst | Senior Big Data Engineer | BI Developer 


Data Analyst (1)

Junior data analyst with strong communication skills and a solid foundation in Python.

  • Salary Expectation: $70,000 base + super
  • Location: Sydney

  • Interpersonal skills: Strong communicator and well-liked by colleagues.

  • Experience: Good experience working in Tech and Financial Services organisations.

  • Education / Accreditation: Masters in Actuarial Studies

  • What can this person bring to your team? A sharp minded individual, yet with the humility to appreciate that they can learn from others. This candidate will thrive in an established data environment and will be able to be the bridge between data and the business.

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Data Analyst (2)

A Data Analyst with experience in SQL, Python, R, Tableau, exploratory data analysis, statistical modelling and visualisation.

  • Salary Expectation: $90,000 base + super

  • Location: Sydney

  • Interpersonal skills: Outstanding communication skills to translate business problems into technical plans and help decision-makers understand the solution.

  • Education / Accreditation: Master of Information Technology (Data Science & Engineering)

  • Experience: Excellent IT capability in using MS Office Suite including VBA programming. They are a self-starter who can adapt to doing what the business needs today and what the business needs tomorrow (unearth new efficiencies through innovation and streamlining processes).

What can this person bring to your team? Experience in collating and analysing data to produce in-depth reports which enable the business to make data-driven decisions and continuous improvements.

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Senior Data Analyst

Business facing strategic analytics partner with a passion for working with the business to show the power of data.

  • Salary Expectation: $135,000 base + super

  • Location: Sydney

  • Interpersonal skills: Strong communicator and friendly personality with the ability to communicate and engage with non-technical stakeholders.

  • Experience: Strong experience across big four consulting and banking. Holding a variety of roles such as Data Science Specialist, Business Analyst and Data Analyst.

  • Education / Accreditation: Postgraduate degree in Data Science related course.

  • What can this person bring to your team? This candidate brings a bit of everything, including strong predictive modelling experience and data governance expertise. In addition, this candidate also has excellent commercial acumen and a finance background.

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Senior Big Data Engineer

Senior Big Data Engineer with a wealth of experience in Gaming and FinTechs. Experienced in both AWS and Azure cloud environments.

  • Salary Expectation: $145,000 + super

  • Location: Sydney

  • Interpersonal skills: Good communication skills with a preference for keeping things simple and getting things done.

  • Experience: Strong experience in both software engineering and data science. Excellent skills in Python, SQL, Azure and AWS.

  • Education / Accreditation: Masters in Data Science

  • What can this person bring to your team? Strong experience working in both small and large data science environments.

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BI Developer

A detail-oriented and highly-analytical professional with experience in BI/SQL development, technical support and data analysis. Passionate about programming, development and technology support and statistical modelling.

  • Salary Expectations: $100,000 base + super

  • Location: Sydney CBD

  • Interpersonal skills: Excellent communicator capable of developing/nurturing professional business relationships and delivering informative, persuasive presentations with fluency in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

  • Experience: Adept at gathering, collating, testing and carrying out complex data analysis, utilising data visualisation tools and reporting statistical findings to management as well as producing methodologies and files for effective data management.

  • Education / Accreditation: Master of Information Technology

  • What can this person bring to your team? Proficient at ensuring accurate statistical data tables/static graphs, conducting multivariate analysis, developing analytical data sets and performing statistical modelling including experiencing utilising R and Python.

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