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Radical Transparency in Job Ads

Transparent Job Advertising

Written by Amela Bajric
Mar 31, 2019
Submitted by Amela Bajric on Sun, 03/31/2019 - 21:59

We live in an age of radical transparency. In fact, a lack of online information is a ‘major red flag’ for the majority of job hunters, says Jay Munro, Employer Insights Strategist at Indeed. 

Long gone are the days where job seekers had only one way of interacting with your business and when you had better control over what was said about your company.


Transparency in Job Ads

One of the Sourcing trends picking up traction in sourcing specialist circles is the Radically Transparent Job Ad. Now what exactly does it mean to be “radically transparent” in your job ad?

Radical transparency is a technique that promises to increase the quality of job ad responses. By being fully transparent in your job ads, you are more likely to attract better, more passive candidates.

Most job adds include requirements, skills, education and experience. Something qualified applicants know about a job already. While those details are important to create good matches, we all know that they do not sell the job.

To write Radically Transparent Job Ads that sell to better, more passive candidates:

1. Tell the story of a day in the life with this job

Create content around this. You could use a video or a blog for example to highlight what a day in the life of someone working in this job would look like. Here’s a great example of a “Day in the life of a data scientist”.

2. Describe what it takes to be successful with measurable objectives

Think about what you would consider “successful” in the advertised position. What exactly is it that the person needs to do/achieve in order to be considered successful?

We have provided many examples for creating measurable objectives for a wide range of jobs in our job description templates.

3. Assert the reason a Top Candidate would want this job

If you are advertising a job ad for a technology role for example, think about what  programs the person would be working with, what technology they would be using.

If you are not sure about what candidates are looking for in your industry, you can always contact us and we’ll be glad to help  you present your business in the best way possible.

From interviewing Developers and Leaders in Technology, we know for example that job seekers in this field are looking to find out what specific technologies they would be working with before applying for a job. They also want to see a brief description about the project/s they would be working on as well as a brief overview of your company.

4. Give a brief bio for the hiring manager

If you really wish to be more transparent in your job ads, provide a brief bio for the hiring manager. Research has shown that there is a correlation between having access to information and trust in an organisation, whereby trust increases the more information is available.

5. Declare the salary

Job ads with a listed salary attract up to 30% more candidates. In fact, more and more companies aren’t afraid to show what they are willing to pay for top talent.

If you decide to give a Radically Transparent Job Ad a try and need some help or inspiration, reach out to us and we will help you get started.

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