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How to build mutual respect in the workplace

Written by Terrence Yip
Mar 03, 2015
Submitted by Terrence Yip on Tue, 03/03/2015 - 05:08

A recent Harvard study reveals that 54% of employees don't feel respected by their boss. In the business world, it is not uncommon for employees to feel they are not respected by their bosses, managers and supervisors.

According to the survey, employees who feel respected improve well-being, have higher enjoyment levels while at work and greater focus and commitment towards their jobs. This respect by supervisors encourages staff to produce work of higher quality and at a faster pace.  Companies strive to increase work productivity with millions spent on buying the newest systems, work retreats etc.  

However, there is one way companies can increase productivity in their workplace that is underused and has minimal cost which is by showing respect to employees.  

So here are four easy ways to show respect to your employees:

Employees are the same as you

Personal lives sometime interfere with work; allow your employees time off and the flexibility to manage their lives outside of work when requested will increase their respect towards the company. 

A job is a job

Bosses have put sweat and tears into their business, starting it from an idea and a dream.  Bosses continue to put in countless hours into their business.  To a certain extent they might expect employees to do the same. However, remember, to an employee, a job is a job, and employees can find other jobs elsewhere.  Therefore, avoid contacting employees on scheduled days off or outside of office hours.  

Reward your employees properly

Employees will be offended if incorrectly paid, which decreases office productivity and may impact motivation.  Contract laws around the world differ; make sure, both the employee and boss know the contract laws and what an employment contract states.  Paying your employees correctly and on time will increase their respect towards the company they work for.  

Relationship building

Talking with colleagues about non-work related topics will help improve office morale. For example, simply asking about weekends and hobbies are likely to improve relationships with colleagues and bosses.  Praising and providing positive feedback is another practical way of being nice that results in increased respect and therefore lead to high productivity in the office.    

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